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Question of the Week #6

What are your dreams?

Every one of us has dreams. They come in all shapes and sizes. No two dreams are exactly alike. Dreams are what makes life beautiful. Dreams inspire us and raise our spiritual energy to a higher plane of being.

This is a question that should resonate deeply in your heart. Our dreams are what we truly desire to do with our lives. They are powerful. If brought to fruition, they make our lives a blissful utopia.

The key thing to remember with this question is that there are no wrong answers. Have fun with this question! That is what dreams are all about!

Here are some additional questions to help you dig deeper into your dreams:

  • What makes your dreams special to you?
  • How would you feel if you achieved your dreams? What emotions would you express?
  • What would your dream life look like?
  • Are you actively trying to achieve your dreams? If no, why?

Take some time to think about these questions. Really immerse yourself in your dreams and feel those powerful emotions. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it?

You see, you can make those dreams your reality. Those emotions you just experienced can be yours on a daily basis. As the old saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Don’t allow your dreams to just be dreams. Chase them as if life was a never ending adventure. Our time on this earth is limited so it’s up to you to make your dreams come true. The end result being you living the best version of your life possible.

If you would kindly oblige, I would love to hear what your dreams are.

Affirmation: I Am Grateful


I am grateful for everything I have in my life. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful to be healthy. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for the world I live in. I am grateful for my dreams, because I know that they will come true. I am grateful for myself, because I am a beautiful person. I am grateful for my past because it has taught me so many valuable lessons. I am grateful for the present because today is the only day that matters. I am grateful for the future, with absolute faith that it will be bright.

Express gratitude in your life for all things. It gives nourishment to the soul, joy to the heart and peace to the mind. Express gratitude first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. Add to this affirmation if you’d like. Personalize it and make it yours.

Even in the worst of times there is something to be grateful for. You just have to search for it. So be grateful today and for the rest of your life. You will thank yourself for doing so.

When Inspiration Hits


The spark of the creative process begins with inspiration. Inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt during a summer storm. It is a madness that sends into a fever pitch of activity. When inspiration strikes we must utilize it to our advantage.

Inspiration has no concept of time. It may strike at any moment of the day. Day or night. It could be during the middle of the night. Or in the middle of your current work day. Inopportune times that may hinder the creative process of inspiration.

Don’t fret about it when this occurs. Take a few minutes to jot down your ideas. Make sure that you grab the essence of the idea. When you have the free time, you’ll be able to recollect and continue upon that inspiration.

If you are granted a moment when inspiration hits and you have the time, be grateful. For there is nothing stopping you from giving it your all. Give it hell and do not stop. Paint, write, design, whatever it takes for you to act upon that inspiration.

Creativity doesn’t have a schedule. So it is essential you utilize your time when it does come. You never know what may happen when inspiration hits. Sparking a creative process that could change the course of your life.

The Million Other Things Involved with Writing a Book

As you all know, I’m currently in the process of writing my first book. The title of it is Rock Bottom: Rise from the Ashes. Rejuvenate your life. After spending some time doing some research about writing and publishing a book. I realized that there is a lot more to writing a book than at first glance.

It’s not just about writing a book then calling it a day. The process is a lot more involved than that. Besides creating content, editing and formatting your finished work. That’s just the beginning.

Okay so maybe there isn’t a million different things but there is more than meets the eye. The first main point is publishing. Whether to go the traditional route or self publish your book.

Traditional publishing entails you going to a publisher or publishing house with your book. They do all of the work for you in terms of marketing, printing, etc… In return you sign a contract with that publisher, essentially giving away the rights to your book. You are paid a royalty for your book sales.

Self publishing is where you are the publisher for your book. A popular way of doing this is using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program. There you can upload your book for free. Amazon takes a royalty for each sale, depending on the price of your book. You keep the rights to your book.

I plan on going the self published route when I finish my book. When going the self published route, you are going to be in charge of everything else that comes with publishing a book. Mostly marketing your book.

In the digital age we live in it is crucial to have an online presence as an upcoming author. This is all about promoting your book and building a community with your readers. Having social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to name a few. Joining groups and conversations as well as giving potential readers insights into your book.

Marketing doesn’t stop with just social media.

It also helps to start a blog. Giving your readers a place to go to learn more about you and your book. This doesn’t mean that you have to post something everyday. Once a week can be sufficient. Make your blog an extension of your book. Giving your readers value and having them fall in love with your work.

Going back to amazon, it is important that you price your book right. Price it too high and no one will buy your book. Take the time to look at the prices of other books in your genre. It is also about having the proper keyword strings for your book so that people can find your book on amazon. Creating a great book description that will entice people to buy. Creating an author page on amazon so that potential buyers can learn more about you. Getting those who read your book to write thoughtful reviews to boost visibility.

Advertising and giveaways are other avenues when it comes to promoting your book. Using Facebook ads or amazon to promote your book so that more people will see it. For giveaways, Goodreads allows you to have a giveaway for your book. It is a great way to get more people interested.

So this may not be a million things but writing a book does have a lot to it. Especially when doing a self published book.

Hopefully this does not deter you from writing that book. There are options you can have for aspects you find less appealing. Hiring a professional for your book cover or having someone write out your book description on amazon. Or any of the marketing aspect. It might cost some money but if you don’t have the time it will help you.

Happy Writing! I hope that your book becomes a bestseller!

Blogging Calendar

Blogging Calendar

I’ve come to the decision that I want a more robust blogging calendar. When I started out with this blog I wasn’t sure if I needed a blogging calendar. As the months have passed I feel that it is essential to give my readers a preview of the content coming to imagination salvation.

This new and improved blogging calendar is combining two of my passions into one central theme. Personal development and writing. Now while personal development is more of the main focus for this blog, I also want to post about writing and blogging. Putting a personal development twist on these topics.

My goals for this blog are simple. To help you live a better life. To give you inspiration so that you may achieve anything that your heart desires.

We are all writers here on WordPress. Whether it be blogging, freelance writing, consulting, poetry short stories, or even full fledged novels. Whatever your ambitions are, you are a writer at heart. That is my other goal. To motivate you to keep writing.

Here is the new and improved blogging calendar for Imagination Salvation:

Monday (2 Posts)


Affirmations are the best way to start your week off right. Feeding yourself positive affirmations allows you to build confidence, feel more at peace and most of all, to positively charge your mind for the week ahead. To believe in yourself and in your dreams. Knowing that you can get more out of your life.

Question of the Week

I will post a question that will aid you in getting to know yourself on a deeper level. The more you know about yourself the more you will find strengths, weaknesses, hidden talents and new insights that you may not have known previously. The key is to really think about it and answer honestly. You will only improve from getting to know yourself.

Tuesday (1 Post)


This day will be all about blogging. Tips and tricks, growing your community, networking, developing your voice within your niche and many other aspects. These posts will have a personal development twist on them. Inspiring you to continue your blogging journey. Helping you build an amazing blog that fits your goals.

Wednesday (1 or 2 Posts)


This theme is all about developing your skills as a writer. It is about finding that powerful voice you have within you. Honing in on your skills and delivering your message in the most influential way possible. This is going to be more tailored to those who are authors or are looking to become published authors. Though some of the posts may be geared to a broader audience. The goal is to write with confidence.

Journey of the Author (Bi-weekly)

My ultimate goal is to publish my book. Here I will give you insights into my book, progress being made and things that I’ve learned along the way. I will post journey of the author every other week so that you can see the progress being made.

Thursday (1 Post)

Personal Development

This theme is all about helping you live your best life possible. From Finding Your Purpose to giving you insights to living a happier and more fulfilling life. You deserve to be happy and deserve to live your dreams. This is about living your life to the fullest.

Friday (1 Post)


You only have one true limitation in your life. That limit is your imagination. This theme is all about giving your imagination a spark. Allowing the creative process to manifest and be brought to fruition. This will also be a place for sharing my personal poems and stories. As well as creative ways of writing a story.

Saturday (1 Post)

Success Philosophy

Whatever goals, dreams and ambitions you have for your life, you want to be successful. Success is a mindset and a philosophy. It is something that needs to be developed before it can be brought to fruition. This theme is about helping you build a success mindset.

Sunday (1 Post)


This theme will be a much more personalized standpoint of wisdom. It will be a more one on one type of experience. Fireside Chats will continue as well as other wise words to give your more wisdom for your life.

I look forward to this new blogging schedule of mine. Giving you my amazing readers something of value every single day. Thank you for your continuous support. You’re awesome!

Some Old Poems

I want to share with you some old poems that I had written a few years ago. I hope that you enjoy them.

The Burial of Fear

Today I bury my fears

into the coffin of the past

No longer will this trait shackle my life,

the chains have been broken

These fears have limited my life for far too long,

Today my dreams and possibilities are set free

Greatness becomes inevitable,

My life becomes beautiful,

My power immense,

All things become possible

The last scoop of dirt goes on the coffin,

Never to be revisited again,

My life can now be lived

As the Clock Strikes Midnight

The clock strikes midnight,

Twelve echoing dings into the night,

The first few breaths that bring in the new day,

Another 24 hours never to be returned from the hourglass of life

The fire glows in the dimly lit living room,

Flames gently kissing double panes of glass,

The dings stop only to bring complete silence to the home

It is a time of reflection and a planning session for the day ahead,

For what may the next 24 hours hold,

No one knows for sure,

It must be lived for the moment each day,

Until the clock strikes midnight once more

Stars of Life

On the clearest of nights,

As the brisk breeze sails across the peaks of the trees,

I gaze upward into the night sky,

Full of stars,

Too many to count,

Glistening back to me on the ground

Gently twinkling into the dark,

For they all have a story to tell,

Some bright futures and some violent pasts,

They all stand still in the hourglass

Distant galaxies,

Home to many or few,

Imagination will never lay it to rest,

Full of life or barren wastelands we may never know,

Only to dream for one to be so

The star of life so dim they glow,

May we reach them? Maybe so,

For now they sparkle tonight,

Curiosities beget the human mind,

To one day dance in their delight

Finding Your Purpose #5: The Lightning Bolt of Inspiration

lightning bolt of inspiration

Inspiration is a magical force for one to experience. It transcends our state of being to a higher level. Inspiration is like a bolt of lightning during a summer storm. A blinding light that we can’t help but watch in awe. Inspiration has the same power and beauty.

As with inspiration, finding your purpose can come in a flash. A lightning bolt that strikes you in such a way that you’re certain that you’ve found your purpose in life. What a beautiful day that will be in your life.

Last week you were given the secret of living and how it could aid you in finding your purpose. Now its time to learn how to find inspiration in your everyday life. Inspiration, no matter how small it may seem may be the golden ticket you’ve been searching for.

Take a look around you. I guarantee that you can find at least 10 things that could be considered inspiration. How do you find so much inspiration in one area? Awareness. It’s about building your mental awareness of your surroundings. Keeping your mind open to everything you see, hear, touch, smell, taste and thank. Leave no possibility out of finding inspiration.

In this digital age we live in, we are so obsessed with our phones or computers that we often forget to look up and view the world around us. Go for a walk in nature, visit a new place or simply take a few moments to take in your surroundings.

Awareness is essential in finding inspiration. You don’t have to actively search for it every waking moment of your day. Just keep your mind open as you go about your day. Something that you’ve passed a thousand times could spark something in you. Because you are mentally attuned to finding inspiration.

If you are inspired by something but it turns out not to be your purpose in life, so what. Don’t fret about it. At least you are mentally aware and are finding inspiration. You are on the right track. Be patient. Having something amazing takes time. Don’t forget about the small things. The can have the biggest impact on your life.

Remember inspiration can come from anywhere. It could be a book, a billboard, a video, a tree, a stranger you pass, a picture, a painting. The possibilities are endless.

So as you continue on this journey of finding your purpose, keep a mental awareness for inspiration around you. Let today be your first day in finding that inspiration that could change your life. I wish you the best in your inspirational discoveries.

Journey of the Author #4: First Excerpt

So this past week I haven’t really been able to get to writing my book as much as I wanted. It was a hard week for me sticking to my writing goal of 500 words per day towards the book.

I’ve finished the second chapter of the book titled: Influences and how they shape you. Now I’m onto the third chapter titled: The moment of now. I’m going to be sharing with you the introduction to the third chapter.

Take a moment to forget about everything that has happened to you in the past. All the trials, tribulations, heartbreaks and defeats. Forget about them for a few moments. Let’s take the next few minutes to think about the moment of now. For it is the only moment in time that truly matters. 

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Your breathing and that is a miracle in itself. Place your hand over your chest. Your heart is beating isn’t it? Count that as another miracle for your life. You’re alive. Everything that has happened to you in your past, you’ve survived and are still here. You’ve weathered the storms of life. Take a moment to rejoice, it is a victory for your life. Possibly the first victory you’ve ever had. Today is the first day of your new life. 

    Savor this moment, for it will be the turning point in your life. You still have time left on this earth. You’ve accomplished miracles by surviving what you have been through in your past. This isn’t about just surviving anymore. It’s time that you start thriving. Be at peace with yourself knowing that you are going to have a brighter future. The past is done and over with. It’s time to move on to better things.

From my book Rock Bottom: Rise From The Ashes. Rejuvenate Your Life

So allow me to explain this excerpt in a bit more detail. The first two chapters of the book describe how someone may have hit rock bottom in their lives. From how they view the world to the effect that influences have upon them.

Those two chapters are not happy and cheerful. Because rock bottom is not a pretty place. It is the lowest of lows that you can reach in your life. The first two chapters give a better understanding to how we can be shaped by the world around us. It is about starting to build an awareness towards the negatives that have been ingrained into your daily life.

In the chapter: The moment of now a time shift occurs from thinking about the past to the present moment in your life. To come to the realization that even though you’ve been through hell, you’re still here standing today. That there is hope for you to change the course of your life.

In the moment of now, you will understand that the only time that matters is now. The past is gone and the future has not yet arrived. That the best time to start the climb out of rock bottom is today. To not delay and to start making the changes necessary to begin to live a better life.

Brainstorming Writing Ideas

Brainstorming is crucial when it comes to creating new, quality content. It could just be going through ideas in your head. Thinking about the next piece of content for that blog post, a chapter for your book, a poem, short story or anything in between.

Or maybe you’re more in depth and take the time to put thoughts down on paper. Seeing where those ideas may lead.

Or maybe you are someone who when you think of an idea, begin immediately the process of bringing that idea into fruition with your writing.

Whatever your process may be, everything you write all starts with a thought. It is the creative spark that was written all the masterpieces throughout the times. Brainstorming and pondering is where the writing process begins.

Brainstorming time is necessary to create, crystalize, classify and materialize your ideas for your writing endeavors. This time can be as simple as taking 20 minutes to write down any ideas that come to mind. Whatever project you are currently working on, holding only that in your mind and letting your imagination be free.

This could be for characters or ideas for the book you are writing. New topics for blog posts. An outline for a blog post. Ideas for poems or short stories. Content for a client when freelance writing. Whatever writing endeavor you are currently undertaking, make some time to dedicate to brainstorming.

It will help you improve your writing by allowing you to better crystalize your thoughts. Allowing you to deliver your message in the best way possible. Something that is the end goal for all writers.

Remember, when you are brainstorming there are no wrong answers when jotting down your ideas. You can pick them apart later. The goal is to keep writing, no matter how wild the ideas become. Release your thoughts so that you may analyze them for brilliance.

When the time comes for you to write you are more prepared. Taking the time to ponder your ideas and give your reader something unforgettable.

5 Core Values to Follow When Starting a Blog

starting a blog

So you’ve decided to start your own blog? That’s great! You’re excited to see where the journey will take you and have all these great ideas for content you want to post. You might be doing this for fun, to vent or to give your knowledge in a certain aspect.

Maybe you are more experienced in the world of blogging and want to learn more about building core values to keep your blog growing.

You might want to make blogging a side hustle or even a full-time job down the road. Whatever your experience or aspirations you have for your blog. You must have some core values in place.

These 5 core values will give you a solid foundation to build upon when growing your blog to what you want it to be. Without a solid foundation you can’t build a loyal following of readers. No matter what your plans for the blog are, these core values will guide you along your blogging journey.

The 5 core values are:

1. Niche

Whether it is a personal blog or something more professional, it’s crucial that you find your niche in the blogging world.

If it’s a personal blog, think about the content you are going to post about. What message are you trying to convey to your readers? What topics are you going to discuss? Brainstorm some ideas and get some insight on who might read these posts.

It could be posts about your daily problems or about what you have learned from past experiences. Whatever your personal blog is about, think about who your target readers are to develop your niche.

Now if you are looking to blog about a certain topic such as business, finance, photography, gardening or any of the other countless topics. This is where you must dig deeper to carve out your space. It is best to narrow down your blog instead of going after a broad subject. An example of this would be finance. Finance in itself is an incredibly broad subject. Narrowing it down to something like helping others find creative ways to save up for yearly vacations. Narrowing down your niche allows readers to know what your blog is all about.

Want to post about multiple topics within your blog? Develop a central theme for your blog within your chosen niche. Create a blogging calendar and share it in a post so your readers know what to expect from your blog.

Don’t know what your niche is yet? Don’t sweat it. Start your blog anyway and experiment as you go. Sometimes the only way to find your desired niche is through trial and error. When you have found your niche you can begin to deliver your messages more effectively with the next core value.

2. Voice

Your voice is what differentiates you from the countless other bloggers within your niche. To have readers visit your blog and continue to come back you must find your own voice.

Do you want to be more personalized with your messages to your readers? Do you want to convey your viewpoint from a certain perspective? Do you want to spark an emotion within your readers? Whatever your aims may be its important for you to find your voice when blogging.

How do you go about finding your voice? Unfortunately there is only one answer to this question. Practice. Developing your voice may take some time. Make sure in finding your voice you keep posting. Hone your skills and experiment with ways to deliver your content. When you find your voice you’ll know.

Develop your viewpoint for your content. Build your blog while you find that voice that resonates with your readers. The next core value will aid you in that process.

3. Integrity

This is about staying true to yourself and to your blog. It is about building trust with your readers. Never deviating from the goals that you have for your blog.

Integrity builds reputation between you and your readers. Its about building a great community and treating your followers respectfully.

Don’t go chasing the money or posting about a topic that has nothing to do with your niche just because its trending.

It’s fine if you want to make money blogging. But make sure it aligns with what your blog is about. Take the time to choose the right affiliates and other revenue streams for your blog. Don’t have a gardening affiliate if your blog is about lowering insurance cost for corporations.

Don’t go chasing the highest payout. Keep true to yourself and to your blog. Ask yourself “would I use this product or service?” Is this going to benefit my readers? If the answer is no to either of those questions, then you shouldn’t do it. Keep a moral standard with your blog.

The next core value will keep you going through the tough times when you first start a blog.

4. Passion

Whatever you blog about, you have to have passion for the topic. If you want to have any type of long term success blogging, you have to love it.

Starting a blog for the sole purpose of making money won’t get you through the down times when you don’t have anyone reading your posts. Writing about your topic should fill you with enthusiasm.

Passion is about having fun with your blog. It isn’t about analytics or followers when you are first starting out. It’s about enjoyment. It’s about feeling good about yourself and your blog. Blogging is a learning experience, passion makes that experience an easier ride.

Life is too short to do something that you don’t enjoy. Blogging is no different. You have to enjoy it to stick with it for the long haul.

The last core value has to do with your readers and what you can do for them.

5. Value

When you start a blog, it’s all about your readers. What value can you bring into their lives? Answering this question determines the success of your blog.

Look at things from your readers perspective. What topics would they enjoy reading about? What would they like to learn? Giving your readers something of value in your niche will keep them coming back for more.

Value doesn’t always have to be in terms of new knowledge gained. It can be sparking an emotion or a memory within your readers. It can be something that your readers can relate to. There are plenty of ways to add value to your blog posts.

Give tips and tricks within your niche. Give your readers a free resource or printable to download. Don’t just piece together something, put some time and effort. Your readers will love you for it.

There you have it. The 5 core values to follow when starting a blog. I hope that you apply these into your blog. Don’t give up and keep writing. I wish you the best on your blogging journey.