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I’m Back

I’m going to apologize in advance for my absence from blogging for so long. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls your way and messing up any sort of routine that you have set in place. Anyway I’m going to be getting back to posting content. Probably not at the same frequency as I was before. I’m going to shoot for two times a week and build up from there. Hopefully life won’t sidetrack me again.

The main theme will remain the same and my goals for this blog won’t deviate. I also hit the 100 follower mark while being away from blogging. I just want to thank each and every one of you for supporting this blog in one way or another. I am eternally grateful.

I also want to share with you an idea that I’ve been bouncing around in my head for some time now. I would like to branch off and cover some new areas for blogging. The first being a blog about personal finance and how to make every penny count for your financial goals. This was an idea that I was working on before. I’ve learned so much over the years about how to make the most of your dollar. I would love to share that information with you.

The other blogging idea that I have is just a hobby that I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember. That hobby is gaming. Any time I need to unwind I tend to boot up a system and just relax. Over the course of my life I have played numerous games. It is something that I would like to share my ideas about.

For both of these ideas they have not much to do with the central theme of this blog. I would have them be separate blogs about each given topic. One for personal finance tips and tricks and the other to be all about gaming. While I haven’t thought about the names for each of these blogs I would love some honest feedback from you my readers on your opinions.

I will give updates on the progress of these other two blogs once they are more concrete and are closer to launching.

This blog will be up and will continue to have new content posted on a regular basis. With personal development, blogging and writing being the central themes. Also for updates on the progress of the new book that I’ve been working on. (More on that in a future post.)

Hopefully all of you have had a great start to your new year and I look forward to interacting with you again on a more regular basis. I have a lot of great blogs to catch up on!

Journey of the Author #5: I’m Torn

So it’s been a while since I have done one of these posts. The unfortunate part of this is that I really have nothing new to give to you. These past few weeks have been hectic and I really haven’t had the time to either write my book or even keep to my blogging schedule on a consistent basis. Life has a funny way of throwing a curve ball your way and messing up any set schedule. But I’m not writing this to discuss that. I want to give you an update on what’s going on with my book.

As you may or may not know part of the reason for me creating this blog is to hone in on my writing skills to help me with writing my book. The last time I gave an update I shared an excerpt from my work in progress. I hate to admit it but it’s been over a month since I’ve worked on Rock Bottom: Rise from the ashes. Rejuvenate your life. After I finished the fourth chapter I felt like this work wasn’t going to convey I message I want it to.

The reason that this post is titled “I’m torn” is because I thought of another idea for a book. If you have ever had the creative spark in your life you know the feeling. When an idea comes out of thin air and compels you to work on it. That is just what happened. I had an idea for an inspirational fiction story and wrote like hell to create characters and a plot for it.

Now most of this writing occurred in a notebook, brainstorming all the ideas that I had in my head. It can be truly amazing in the moment of writing where everything just flows and ideas come at a seemingly endless pace. I haven’t gotten to writing a rough draft for this story and that is why I am torn. I don’t know whether to continue with my first book or to start with this new idea.

Something inside of me is telling me to write this new work. It is an urge of a story that has to be told. I also know that if I continue to ponder over this for too much longer then neither story will be written. Time is something that cannot be wasted.

Hopefully in the next week I will be back on schedule with the blog and will be posting on a more regular basis. I also hope to start writing this book soon as well.

Scribing A Masterpiece

As writers we all want to create our own masterpiece. Something that we are proud of when it is completed. Words that flow harmoniously that form into pages that spark something in the reader’s soul. Something that is so beautiful in it’s own way that whomever reads that work is changed forever. A message that echoes throughout the ages.

What a breathtaking scene that creates for a writer. To have blood, sweat and tears shed for a single work. Putting every fiber of their being into words. Leaving part of their soul for the readers to gaze upon. Giving a work everything with the sole hope that it may have an impact upon others.

Writing is taking parts of life that derive from the deepest chambers of the soul. Practically indescribable emotions, thoughts and energies, with the painstaking process of putting it into words. A battle that has raged since humans began recording history. A noble cause that immortalizes authors for generations to know.

There is only one way and there will be only one way to create a masterpiece. It is to give it your all. To spill your heart and your guts into words and unto the page. To elevate your mind to a station in which it has never been before. To listen to your soul and allow it to be your guide. To make sure that a fire burns inside so bright that stopping your work would drive you to madness. Only then may a masterpiece may be scribed into humanity.

Don’t Count Followers

The goal for almost every bloggers is to build an amazing community. Having other people interacting with your posts and having them continuously returning to your blog. This typically isn’t the case when you first start out blogging. Followers slowly build with each post and accumulate over time.

The key is in those early days of blogging is to not count followers. A task that is easier said than done. Followers are not the only metric of running a successful blog. Sure you might have 100 or 200 followers. But are those followers constantly interacting with your blog? Not every follower is going to be active with every post you have. But you should have a few loyal followers that are always up to date on your newest posts.

These are the followers that you should pay attention to. Because they have fallen in love with your blog. If you don’t currently have any of these types of followers, you will get them. All good things take time.

Whether you have 10 followers or 1,000, don’t count followers. You will only be disappointed with the numbers, no matter how high they might be. Instead focus on your writing and the essence of the content you post. Writing blog posts that others will fall in love with. That should be your priority when blogging. If you continue to produce great content then the followers will eventually come.

When Writing Flows

When Writing Flows

Writing in a way may be compared to a well oiled machine, when everything runs without a hitch the process flows smoothly. As writers there is no greater feeling than when the words just flow. A fever pitch of creativity where the hours pass at light speed. What a blessing when this occurs.

Writing is a process and that process doesn’t always involve writing. Research, brainstorming, reviewing, editing, writing from start to finish is a time consuming process. All for the hopes of having that writing flow to create a masterpiece. Writing is what etches a story for generations to read.

The flow of writing is what makes writing beautiful, showing from the depths of the soul. Stories to be told that give the imagination of the mind nourishment. Allowing for fantasies to be lived through the pages. Knowledge to be gained and the mind to be fed. The flow of writing can change the lives of the readers forever. What a beautiful event to occur.

If you have ever written before, you understand the feeling of euphoria that comes when writing flows smoothly. The feeling is almost indescribable. Knowing that a story is being built page by page, word by word.

There is no method to have this occur except to keep writing. To continuously build upon your work with the hopes that the words will come to you. More times than not they often do. It is persistence that builds something beautiful. As water slowly carves out the mountainside. The flow of water and the flow of writing are the same. To carve out this earth to create something that may echo throughout the ages.

Scheduling Blog Posts

In the hustle bustle of the digital world, we always have a million things that need to be done. Having any amount of free time seems to be becoming more of a luxury. When having a blog, making the necessary time for it is no different.

Writing content that readers will love, keeping to a blogging schedule, networking, interacting with readers and the countless other things involved with running a blog. Taking the time to write out blog posts in advance can pay off in a big way.

Being able to post on a consistent basis can be tough. That is why scheduling your blog posts for a week ahead of time can benefit you and your blog. Want to have a specific time and/or day you want to post content? Schedule it. Want to not have to worry about writing posts everyday just to barely keep up with content? Schedule it. Scheduling your blog posts, especially a week in advance can free up time for you to focus on other aspects of your blog. Or if you are too busy and can’t write for a week it gives you a cushion so you don’t have to go days without posting any new content.

For me I like to schedule my posts a week ahead. That way I can focus on the other aspects of my blog. It gives me the freedom to keep ahead of the content that I post. Also if I am too busy for a few days it gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not falling behind with content.

Now you don’t have to be as in depth as me but sometimes having some extra content, even if its in your drafts will help you if you are too busy to write or can’t come up with a new topic to discuss. Blogging is a time consuming endeavor, so any way you can get ahead will allow you to have the time to continue to make your blog great.

Thinking Outside the Box

thinking outside the box

You’ve heard this saying a million times before, “think outside the box.” But what does it mean? The general consensus is that “thinking outside the box” means to create a new solution or invention that is outside of the conventional plane of thinking. It is the creative process in the imagination of the mind.

In reality the “box” is nothing but an illusion. There is no box. Both inside and outside of the box have had moments where inspiration and invention met. Let’s take a moment to pretend that this so called “box” exists. This will give you a better understanding of the creative process at work.

Inside of the box is where all of the ideas, concepts, theories and inventions have been brought to fruition and implemented into the world. All this can be mixed and combined in a different way to create something not previously done before. It is taking known knowledge and rearranging it into a new way of thinking. Doing this still takes sufficient imagination on the part of the individual. It is in a sense, thinking outside the box. But within the confines of what is already known.

Now let’s go outside this metaphorical box. Here is where all new discoveries previously unknown to society are brought to light. This compiles all the breakthroughs in every facet of human life. This is where genius is born. When the universe gives the finite mind power to create something new.

You see there is no actual box. In both situations creativity is able to thrive for the person with sufficient imagination. Whether something is rearranged into a new combination or something completely new is discovered. The possibilities for the creative process are endless.

So let’s ditch the “think outside the box” concept. Instead let’s build a mental awareness, keeping our minds open to all things that surround us. Allowing our imaginations to run wild with the possibilities of creating something new. You never know how your imagination may change your very life.

Finding Your Purpose #7: Knowing Exactly What You Want

finding your purpose

So how have you been faring in your search for finding your purpose? Finding your purpose can be a tricky ordeal. The main key is finding your purpose is knowing exactly what you want out of life. Something that is easier said than done.

Your life’s purpose is something that is special and unique to you. It is something that will give your life a deep sense of meaning never before experienced. That is why it is so crucial that you know exactly what you want.

We as humans tend to have to see something tangible. We must see it with our eyes or hold it in our hands. Purpose is no different in that regard. Most want to have something tangible when it comes to purpose. But when you don’t know what your purpose in life is, it’s impossible to know what’s tangible.

If you are unsure of what your purpose is in life, then you must stop searching for the tangibles. The one thing that everyone’s purpose has in common is the intangibles. The emotions and principles that must be felt within the mind, heart and soul.

So if you’re trying to find your purpose in life, you must know the exact intangibles that give purpose it’s meaning. Once you know the intangibles then you’ll know when something tangible comes along. So for now let’s focus on the emotions and principles that you want to feel. This helps you build upon the essence of purpose.

The six main emotions and principles are:

1. Happiness

This is no surprise. Your purpose in life is something that should fill you with happiness. It is an emotion that should be deeply experienced. If you believe that you have found your purpose and you’re not happy, then you haven’t found it. It’s as simple as that.

Happiness is a decision that is made within the mind. Sometimes this decision is easy and sometimes it’s difficult. But it is a decision that must be made. Make the choice to be happy right now and find those things that make you happy. Happiness is always worth the fight.

2. Love

This builds upon happiness. Love is the purest of emotions. Your purpose is something that you absolutely love. Life is too short to have it any other way. Love must be felt within the heart, so express love for all things around you.

3. Peace

Finding your purpose can be a chaotic affair. But once found it brings a certain peace to the mind. Instead of focusing on the chaos that entails finding your purpose, bring peace to your mind knowing that one day you’ll find it. This is all about having sufficient faith in yourself.

Weather those storms, knowing that they won’t last forever. Have the peace within knowing that you are going to live an amazing life.

4. Curiosity

Life is about growth. Constantly growing throughout the course of your life. Your purpose should keep you curious about life. Always wanting to learn something new in any aspect of life. You can never have enough knowledge about life.

Whether that curiosity be spiritual, mental, or emotional, always aim to grow and question life. Be curious about life when searching for your purpose. You never know what you may find.

5. Fulfillment

Fulfillment is something that gives purpose it’s meaning. We al want that meaningful sense that fulfillment brings. This is harder to attain than the other five but it is still attainable. The key is to search for things that give your life a deep sense of fulfillment. Don’t settle in this search. Have the patience that you will find fulfillment in your life.

6. Contribution

We as humans want to have an impact on society. The size of that impact is unimportant. What is important is helping others. It is the secret to living. It’s about having a positive influence on the world around you. How many people you effect is up to you.

Even if it’s just one person, that is contribution. Search for ways to help make a contribution to those around you. It will only benefit your life while finding your purpose.

Know these emotions and principles well, for they will be your foundation in finding your purpose. Some may be implemented into your life immediately, making your life more fruitful. In your search for finding a tangible purpose remember, that the intangibles are what gives purpose true meaning.

Writing Everyday

writing everyday

As writers we always seem to have the same question to answer. Should I be writing everyday? For some the answer is simple. For others it is a question that is constantly being pondered. Writing is a creative process. So is it beneficial to write everyday?

To me it comes down to a matter of opinion of what works best for each individual. For those who write for a living, writing everyday is a habit almost by necessity. Always having a work in progress whether it be a blog post, a novel, freelance work or anything in between. Writing becomes a way of life for those who do it full time.

For others it may be a part time job or even a hobby. Just writing for the love of writing. Writing everyday doesn’t become an absolute necessity. Writing could happen in short but less frequent bursts. Usually when inspiration hits. Other times the words may not come easily. A day to be skipped when it comes to writing.

My best advice to gauge if you should write everyday or not is to experiment. If you don’t write everyday then try doing it for a week. Set aside time each day. See how you feel about it at the end of the week. How much did you accomplish? Do you feel the quality of your writing is on par with your previous works? Did writing everyday seem to stifle your creative process? These questions should give you a few insights on whether you should write everyday or not.

For me personally, I try my best to write something everyday. Whether it be a blog post, writing my book or just brainstorming other ideas that I have. To me writing is a habit and a craft that must be continuously developed. It is a process of continual improvement day by day. Do I feel that my quality suffers sometimes because of this? Absolutely. But to me not everything can be a masterpiece. It’s impossible. For me it is about building consistency in my writing and the message that I deliver.

Do you write everyday? Do you have a set day or set time dedicated to writing?

The Love of Blogging

Let’s face it. Blogging isn’t easy. It might be easy when first starting out but that quickly fades away when you try to make your blog something great. Creating great content for your blog on a consistent basis is hard. Driving traffic to your blog and having people come back is difficult as well. There is only one solution.

You have to fall in love with blogging. Having passion for the content you create. Love is the only way you will be able to endure the hardships with blogging along the journey. As with anything in life, you must love what you do.

Blogging is an amazing way to create a positive community. Giving your readers genuine appreciation for their interactions with your blog. Treating them as if they were your close friends. Creating content that gives those readers value. Having them fall in love with your blog. Because you love your blog. It’s about never losing that love for your blog or for your community.

If you haven’t done so yet, fall in love with the process of blogging. All of it. It is a craft that must be mastered. A labor of love. Something that takes time to be built. But in the end it’s all worth it. Having built yourself an incredible blog.

Let your blog convey a message of love to your readers. That message doesn’t have to be in words, it can be felt in the overall essence of your post. So express love for your blog. You never know whose life you might change because of it.