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The Dreaded Writer’s Block

We’ve all had it at one point or another. It is the battle with a blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper. You sit down to write and your mind becomes a void. The words are not coming to you. No matter how hard you try nothing seems to get the process flowing.

It happens to the best of us. Whether you write for a living or write for leisure, writer’s block is the dreaded plague that let’s time tick away. Nothing to show for that lost time. Writing is inspiration and sometimes inspiration fades away in a flash.

Sometimes it strikes in the beginning, before a word is ever typed. Sometimes it happens after a few short sentences. When all those ideas have withered away to never return. Locked in purgatory to which you can’t get the key. Even worse it may come at the end. A message that starts with a roar and ends with a whimper.

That is the battle we face. A foe that we cannot see. One who will beat us more times than not. For this foe knows our very soul. You’ve met, every single day of your life, in every waking moment. Do you know who I am talking about? It is what gives you the creativity to inscribe symbolled masterpieces. To gain the imagination of the reader. It’s your mind.

Writer’s block is an occurrence within the mind. It is life’s test in the willpower of writer’s. As a painter stares at a blank canvas or a sculptor stares at a piece of stone. As the entrepreneur envisions a business or an architect the blueprints. All road blocks occur within the mind. No matter what endeavor, each has a curse.

For writer’s it is a lack of words. There is no cure. You may search for inspiration from literature, prompts, blogs, and previous works. Until your eyes are bloodshot from artificial light and your brain is turned mad from watching the hours tick by. All you can do is walk away.

Don’t dwell. Don’t curse. Don’t feel discouraged. Forget about it for a bit. Take a walk, exercise, run some errands. Whatever it takes to get away. Then come back and try again, and again and again.

The words will eventually come to you.

What do you do when you have writer’s block?