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Affirmation: I am Persistent

I am persistent. I will never give up. I know that anything worthwhile in life does not come immediately or without hard work. I must stay patient and believe in myself and in my dreams. Most importantly I must try again and again when I meet with defeat. Because I know that eventually I will succeed. I know that the future is in my hands and that is why I must never give up. I deserve my best life possible. I will not settle for anything less.

Being persistent keeps our dreams alive because of the never give up mentality. Life can be a struggle and sometimes we go through defeats along the journey. It is important that we have strong reasons behind our dreams. So that when we are met with defeat we don’t fold under disappointment. Hold those reasons for your dreams closely in your mind. It will build your persistence and almost guarantee a successful outcome in your endeavor.

Question of the Week #7 How do You Handle Adversity?

How do you handle adversity?

This week’s questions is a bit more hard hitting. Because that’s what adversity is. It isn’t an easy part of life and it shouldn’t be. Adversity is a growing experience in the journey of life. Usually it is a painful experience where giving up seems to be the easiest thing to do.

So how do you handle adversity? Do you give up or give in at the first sign of hardship? Or do you stand your ground and face the challenge head on? This is an important question to ask yourself because some form of adversity is inevitable in life.

Usually I would add additional questions for you to answer but I feel that it isn’t necessary for this question. The method of how you handle adversity should be the only focal point. That method used is the determining factor of the level of success you experience. So make sure to really take your time with this question.

There is only one way to handle the adversities that life throws your way. That is to keep moving forward. Persistence is the only way to overcome adversity. It is the attitude of your persistence that determines the outcome of your hardship. If you are negative in your frame of mind than with almost certainty the end result will be negative. If you go through adversity with a smile on your face, with the faith that the storm will pass and your life will be better. Then eventually your situation will improve.

Adversity is inevitable so make the most of the situation. View it as a valuable learning lesson and a growing experience. Your life will be more fulfilling when you do experience the heights of success. All stemming from the depths of adversity and how you handled it.

Fireside Chats #7: The Mind

fireside chats


I’m happy to have you for this fireside chat. As the week comes to a close I have something I wish to share with you. This weeks topic is about the mind and how it shapes your reality.

So take a seat and let’s begin my dear friend.

As humans we attempt to control things that we cannot. Trying relentlessly to manipulate circumstances to which we are helpless to. There is one thing that we have control over. It is something that is truly powerful. So powerful that it can shape our realities and make the universe bend to our will. What is this power I am speaking of?

It is your mind. Your greatest ally in your life or your greatest foe. That is for you to decide. Your mind holds the key to your life. It can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell. It is your perception of the world that makes it so.

There are two energies that constitute the realities of the universe. Positive and negative. Those are the frequencies that the mind operates on. Only one energy at a time may dominate, determined by the thoughts that you think. Everything in your life starts with a thought.

Anything you desire in life begins with a single thought. A thought that is either nurtured and allowed to flourish or ignored until it withers away into regret.

The importance that you mind has on your world cannot be overstated. It is where you are one with the universe. The immutable laws of nature that knows only of frequency. That frequency being the nature of the thoughts that you emit into the universe.

It is your choice and your choice alone what frequency you emit. Be it positive or negative. While negativity is a lower and easier frequency to be on for the short term. It’s long term effects will only bring you down to the depths of misery. That does not serve your life.

While it may be more difficult for you to be positive within your mind. It is the only way to manifest anything that you truly desire. It is a battle in the mind to be positive. A fight that you must win in order to control your own destiny.

But let me tell you, if you do win that battle within your mind, your life will never be the same. Once a positive mindset dominates, anything becomes possible for your life. The secrets of the universe become revealed to you.

I hope that you enjoyed our chat. May today be the best day of your life and the coming day that will be better than today. Until we meet again next week I hope that your coming week is filled with joy and prosperity. Thank you for stopping by.

Question of the Week #6

What are your dreams?

Every one of us has dreams. They come in all shapes and sizes. No two dreams are exactly alike. Dreams are what makes life beautiful. Dreams inspire us and raise our spiritual energy to a higher plane of being.

This is a question that should resonate deeply in your heart. Our dreams are what we truly desire to do with our lives. They are powerful. If brought to fruition, they make our lives a blissful utopia.

The key thing to remember with this question is that there are no wrong answers. Have fun with this question! That is what dreams are all about!

Here are some additional questions to help you dig deeper into your dreams:

  • What makes your dreams special to you?
  • How would you feel if you achieved your dreams? What emotions would you express?
  • What would your dream life look like?
  • Are you actively trying to achieve your dreams? If no, why?

Take some time to think about these questions. Really immerse yourself in your dreams and feel those powerful emotions. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it?

You see, you can make those dreams your reality. Those emotions you just experienced can be yours on a daily basis. As the old saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Don’t allow your dreams to just be dreams. Chase them as if life was a never ending adventure. Our time on this earth is limited so it’s up to you to make your dreams come true. The end result being you living the best version of your life possible.

If you would kindly oblige, I would love to hear what your dreams are.

Fireside Chats #6: Patience

Fireside Chats


I’m happy to have you for this fireside chat. As the week comes to a close I have something I wish to share with you. This week’s topic is all about patience and how it helps you achieve anything.

So take a seat and let’s begin my dear friend.

You’ve heard it countless times before, “Patience is a virtue.” It is the habit that keeps us from losing our wits when the going seems painfully slow. Progress is conceived to be at a standstill.

Unfortunately in the blazing speed of the digital world, patience is a dying breed. Things come in an instant and immediate gratification is to be expected from the masses. If anything is delayed, patience wears thin almost instantaneously. It is a sickness that plagues humanity.

As the farmer plants a seed into the earth, knowing that time will pass before a harvest can be reaped. It is the patience to nurture and believe that a seed will sprout. Never losing hope and never becoming impatient because no results are seen. So many lessons can be learned from a simple farmer.

Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? Do you deny yourself the immediate gratifications, with the belief that something more fruitful and gratifying is just beyond the horizon? Do you weather the storms with peaceful resolve, certain that the sun will shine again?

Patience is a virtue. For it is a requirement to attain anything worthwhile in life. It is the delay and the struggle that makes the taste of victory O so sweet. To not settle for anything less than the best for your life.

To develop patience, you must first practice it until it becomes a habit in your daily life. There is no other way. This is about a persistent belief that you will receive what you desire to have. Faith is an essential quality to develop patience.

Be patient with your life. Things do not happen overnight. Good times come in due time. Keep moving forward and don’t give up. Never settle just because of a loss of patience. Hold your ground and believe in yourself. With patience you can have anything you desire.

I hope you enjoyed our chat. May today be the best day of your life and the coming days that will top today. Until we meet again next week I hope that your coming week is filled with joy and prosperity. Thank you for stopping by.

Finding Your Purpose #6: Limitations

So what limitations are holding you back in finding your purpose? You’ve been searching for it but to no avail. Let me ask you this. Have you been passively searching for your purpose, waiting for it to magically appear? Or have you been searching day and night relentlessly for acquiring insights to what it might be? You see, purpose is all about your mindset.

If you truly desire to find your purpose in life it must become a borderline obsession. Never giving up the pursuit and what glorious rewards that will be waiting for you.

So what is holding you back? The answers lie within your mind. Fears, doubts and limiting beliefs often cloud the mind. It creates a fog that blinds opportunity for the sake of security.

The fear of failure is at the top. The fear of failure cripples any chance of finding your purpose. You fail in life no matter what. What makes the difference is how you react to that failure. What you learn from it and how you move on from it. Fears are but an illusion within the mind. They will always be there but you must not let them control you.

Doubts and limiting beliefs also hurt your chances in finding your purpose. If you don’t believe that you will find your purpose then you won’t You have to believe that you will find it. Don’t doubt yourself. You are powerful beyond measure and you will live a happy life.

Don’t allow limitations to stop you from finding your purpose. Understand that you are worthy. You are confident. You are awesome. Shift your mindset from I won’t to I will find my purpose in life.

This is about having the courage to move out of your comfort zone. If you’re afraid that’s fine, everyone is afraid when they try to get more out of life. The key is to feel the fear and continue to move forward. Don’t waste your true potential because of the limitations you set up in your mind. Trust me you have greatness within you.

Ramp up your efforts in finding your purpose. Be patient. When you put in the effort there will be more opportunities but remember this, not every opportunity is for you.

Crush those limiting factors within your mind that are holding you back from finding your purpose. It will open new doors for your life.

Question of the Week #5

What are you good at? What comes naturally to you?

Everyone is good at something in life. Whether it be sports, writing, music, business, art or anything in between. There are unlimited possibilities for this question. Maybe it isn’t a natural talent but something you’ve developed over the years. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something small that you do better than anyone else. There are no wrong answers with this question.

The reason I ask this question is that we often ignore or don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we do well in life. This question is about giving yourself more credit and possibly giving you some insight on how to live a life you truly enjoy.

Maybe you have something that you enjoy doing but you’re terrible at it. But you want to improve to get better and better. Enjoyment and talent can be combined with a positive attitude for improving your skills.

Here are some additional questions to answer:

  • What natural talents do you possess?
  • What is something that you enjoy but want to improve on?
  • Why are you good at this?

This is more of a fun question to answer. Can’t think of anything you are good at? Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you can think of something. Remember it can be something small such as being a good listener or having a great attitude.

I would love to hear your answers to these questions. We all have different talents and gifts. That is what makes this world so incredible.

Affirmation: I Am Strong

I am strong. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am confident

in my talents and abilities. I am motivated to achieve my goals. I can

weather the storms of life. Keeping a smile on my face. I will not allow

others to define who I am. It is my life to live and no one else’s. I will

never give up on my dreams. I deserve my best life. I will live the life of

my dreams. I am Strong.

Say this affirmation to yourself a few times. Feel the emotion flow through you. Feel the strength that you have inside of you. Be at peace in the present moment.

Affirmations will help you stay positive throughout the journey of life. Anytime you feel weak, say this affirmation to yourself. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Fireside Chats #5: Persistence

Fireside Chats


I’m happy to have you for this fireside chat. As the week comes to a close I have something I wish to share with you. This week’s topic is about the trait of persistence and how it can change your life.

So take a seat and let’s begin my dear friend.

It is a trait that mother nature has had since the beginning of time. Water carving out valleys between mountains. Though slow in the process, tons of rock is eventually eroded away. Nothing on this earth can defeat persistence. It is a trait that can’t comprehend surrender.

Those who have tasted the sweet victory of success throughout the eons have possessed this unwavering trait. Never taking no for n answer. Never giving in to the defeats and failures that life will bring. Pushing forward against the slimmest of odds. Trying again and again until success becomes and inevitable result.

Persistence is the mortal enemy of mediocrity. For with persistence, all obstacles eventually crumble. Adversity is tamed. Failure is whipped. Life yields and releases its riches.

This trait combines the mind, heart and soul. Working together in harmony to achieve the end result. No matter what the costs might be. Digging to the deepest depths of the human will, all for one more attempt for the victor’s crown.

You see, persistence encompasses only one thing. How bad do you want it? It is about seeing how far one may go and how much one can take. How many times you can get knocked down and get back up with a smile on your face. If you want something as badly as you want to breathe. Persistence is the trait that makes it a reality.

The only way that persistence may be developed is through the trials and tribulations of life. It is the process of overcoming anything that life throws at you. To keep moving forward regardless of the current circumstances. Trudging through the mud to a brighter future.

To have persistence you must never give up. There is no other way. There never will be another way. Life will always have a price to pay for anything worthwhile. It’s up to you to pay the price no matter how high the cost. The reward must be of your wildest dreams. Otherwise you’ll quit along the way. You must love the journey. Regardless of how bumpy the ride might be. Most of all, surrender must not be part of your vocabulary. Success is the only option for your life.

I hope you enjoyed our chat. May today be the best day of your life and the coming days keep getting better. Until we meet again next week I hope that your coming week is filled with joy and prosperity. Thank you for stopping by.

Finding Your Purpose #5: The Lightning Bolt of Inspiration

lightning bolt of inspiration

Inspiration is a magical force for one to experience. It transcends our state of being to a higher level. Inspiration is like a bolt of lightning during a summer storm. A blinding light that we can’t help but watch in awe. Inspiration has the same power and beauty.

As with inspiration, finding your purpose can come in a flash. A lightning bolt that strikes you in such a way that you’re certain that you’ve found your purpose in life. What a beautiful day that will be in your life.

Last week you were given the secret of living and how it could aid you in finding your purpose. Now its time to learn how to find inspiration in your everyday life. Inspiration, no matter how small it may seem may be the golden ticket you’ve been searching for.

Take a look around you. I guarantee that you can find at least 10 things that could be considered inspiration. How do you find so much inspiration in one area? Awareness. It’s about building your mental awareness of your surroundings. Keeping your mind open to everything you see, hear, touch, smell, taste and thank. Leave no possibility out of finding inspiration.

In this digital age we live in, we are so obsessed with our phones or computers that we often forget to look up and view the world around us. Go for a walk in nature, visit a new place or simply take a few moments to take in your surroundings.

Awareness is essential in finding inspiration. You don’t have to actively search for it every waking moment of your day. Just keep your mind open as you go about your day. Something that you’ve passed a thousand times could spark something in you. Because you are mentally attuned to finding inspiration.

If you are inspired by something but it turns out not to be your purpose in life, so what. Don’t fret about it. At least you are mentally aware and are finding inspiration. You are on the right track. Be patient. Having something amazing takes time. Don’t forget about the small things. The can have the biggest impact on your life.

Remember inspiration can come from anywhere. It could be a book, a billboard, a video, a tree, a stranger you pass, a picture, a painting. The possibilities are endless.

So as you continue on this journey of finding your purpose, keep a mental awareness for inspiration around you. Let today be your first day in finding that inspiration that could change your life. I wish you the best in your inspirational discoveries.