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Rock Bottom #2: A Comeback For The Ages

So last week you were introduced to what rock bottom is. What it has done to so many lives and all of the potential swallowed in it’s depths. Now it’s time to stop the slippery slope and begin a comeback for the ages.

No one wants to be at rock bottom but sometimes its necessary to plunge into that proverbial pit to learn more about yourself. To go through that process of growth, painful as it may be, to experience the intangibles of life that is your dreams, hopes and ambitions. Its life’s way of asking you. How bad do you want it?

If you’re at rock bottom you know your fair share of adversity. You know what they say, the harder the adversity the bigger the comeback. It’s time to stop sliding down that slippery slope, get your feet of solid ground and begin the climb out of rock bottom.

This is no easy task. Life will try relentlessly to keep you down there if you allow it. This is your life and you deserve more out of it. Now is the time to make a declaration for your future!

Here are some affirmations for you to say to yourself everyday in the process of getting out of rock bottom.

  • My past no longer defines me
  • I deserve more and expect more out of my life from this point forward
  • I believe in myself. I believe in my dreams. I believe my future is going to be bright
  • I will improve myself every day. Giving my best effort each day
  • I am powerful beyond measure and life will no longer beat me down
  • I am courageous. I will do what is necessary to have a better life
  • Nothing can stop me! My willpower is too strong
  • My mind is my greatest ally. I will only focus on positivity. For that mindset shall bring me success and happiness

Say these affirmations to yourself. Say them with conviction. Put all of your emotion behind them. Believe that you will make a comeback in your life. Because you will.

Create a vision in your mind of what you want your life to look like. Focus on it and continue to think about it morning, noon, and night. Let it crystalize to the point that you see it as your reality. Make it feel real, as if you were holding a photograph in your hands. See it, hear it, touch it as if you already have it.

It’s time for your comeback. One that will echo through the ages. You can do it. I believe in you and the greatness that you have within you!