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Getting the most out of each day

As human beings have sometimes have a tendency to always look at the bigger picture, especially when that picture is the composition of thoughts that we have for our future. We may set goals or create countdowns for things that we truly desire out of life. More times than not this often creates the mindset of “I can’t wait to get this day over with so I’m closer to this goal”. That mindset will often generate frustration and sometimes even have someone eventually quit on pursuing that goal. The reason being that we are not in the moment of the present.

Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

Muhammed Ali

The mindset of just trying to get the day finished must be replaced with a new mindset. A mindset of “What can I do today to the best of my ability to get myself one step closer to my goal“. The only day we have is today. Yesterday is gone. It is etched into history never to return again. Dale Carnegie said in his book How to stop worrying and start living “Let the past bury its dead. Don’t saw sawdust”. The past is only a valuable learning experience that we may apply for our present lives. Learn and move on. That old thinking of trying to get by in the day may be put to rest as well. Let’s make the most of each day. The 24 hours that we have at hand to make today the best it can possibly be.

Now we have the other end of the spectrum. The future. The great unknown of future events that have yet to unfold into our lives. Peering into the only the future causes frustration and anxiety. Because we don’t have a time machine to peek into what our lives will be like in 5, 10 or 20 years in the future. All that we can do for the future is have faith, most importantly faith in ourselves that we can make our future what we dream of it to be. We go about this by having goals that give a level of accountability for the realization of those dreams. Those goals with the end result is the only thing about the future we should spend any energy thinking about. Then we must center ourselves back to the reality of today. Again the 24 hours of what we can accomplish today to guarantee that the future is better. It is the sense of being at peace with the present moment and being concentrated on the task at hand right now.

Let’s get to the present moment of today. What can you do today to get the most out of your day? Even if it is just a couple of hours you can take a moment to reflect upon the day. Look at those things that you want out of life or begin the process of writing them down. You then have a vision of the end result. From there you can write down a few small goals to set for yourself. They don’t have to be anything major but they can be the first few baby steps towards the end result. Next plan out our day and prioritize the most important aspects. You should do this now because if you wait till tomorrow you’ll lose the initiative of the habit of living in the moment of now. Take each day as they come and only focus upon today. Do everything you possibly can to make today productive towards your goals. With living in the present moment you can begin to gain progress from each day. Those today’s day after day will eventually compound and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish for your life by living for today.