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Finding Your Purpose #8: The Value of Dreams

So in the pursuit of finding your purpose, how have you been doing in this endeavor? Do you know exactly what you want? Are you actively pursuing your dreams? The dreams that you have play a major part in finding your purpose in life.

Dreams are the things that we desire most in our lives. They are a clue of how to live a happy and fulfilling life. Dreams are something that should never be ignored. They are what give us hope for a brighter future. So when it comes to finding our purpose, most times we need to look no further than our dreams.

Those dreams that you have for your life should hold tremendous value in your heart. They should be your main pursuit in the journey for your life. Dreams are what make life breathtaking. So let’s take a few moments to really think about our dreams.

What are your dreams? Why are they special to you? What are you doing currently to realize them? Remember that there are no wrong answers. They are your dreams and they are most important to you.

So what do your dreams have to do with finding your purpose? It’s simple. It is another perspective for you to view to find your purpose in life. Something that is close to your heart. So if you haven’t already, begin to chase your dreams. Let them lead you to something beautiful.

So go in the direction of your dreams. Let them be your guide in the search for finding your purpose. It just might lead you to living a life of bliss.

Question of the Week #6

What are your dreams?

Every one of us has dreams. They come in all shapes and sizes. No two dreams are exactly alike. Dreams are what makes life beautiful. Dreams inspire us and raise our spiritual energy to a higher plane of being.

This is a question that should resonate deeply in your heart. Our dreams are what we truly desire to do with our lives. They are powerful. If brought to fruition, they make our lives a blissful utopia.

The key thing to remember with this question is that there are no wrong answers. Have fun with this question! That is what dreams are all about!

Here are some additional questions to help you dig deeper into your dreams:

  • What makes your dreams special to you?
  • How would you feel if you achieved your dreams? What emotions would you express?
  • What would your dream life look like?
  • Are you actively trying to achieve your dreams? If no, why?

Take some time to think about these questions. Really immerse yourself in your dreams and feel those powerful emotions. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it?

You see, you can make those dreams your reality. Those emotions you just experienced can be yours on a daily basis. As the old saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Don’t allow your dreams to just be dreams. Chase them as if life was a never ending adventure. Our time on this earth is limited so it’s up to you to make your dreams come true. The end result being you living the best version of your life possible.

If you would kindly oblige, I would love to hear what your dreams are.

One Breath, One Heartbeat

If I’m still breathing and my heart’s still beating the dream is alive and I will achieve it!

Bill Purdy

I would like to share with you a quote that I had written a few years ago when I was starting my first business. This was long before that dream had become a reality. The business was in its infancy and all I had was a dream. I didn’t have the knowledge or the resources in the beginning. But that didn’t matter. I had a dream and I believed in that dream with every fiber of my being. I knew that if I was alive that it was possible for me to achieve that dream.

Every single human on this earth is a miracle because they were given the gift of life. Now how we choose to live that life from the time we are born to the time we perish is completely up to us. Our time spent on this earth is limited. So why not chase those dreams that we have for our lives?

We all have dreams that we hold in our minds of what could be our lives. Our best version of our lives. Whether these dreams are big or small in their vision that doesn’t matter. What matters is do you believe that you can achieve those dreams that you want for your life? Our beliefs hold immense power in our daily lives. Belief is what gives our thoughts power. You are the only person that has control over your beliefs. The only limitation that your beliefs have is the limits you have set up within your own mind.

You must first believe that it is possible that you can have more out of life. This is not an easy task but those dreams that you have for your life are worth the price of believing in a bigger picture. Now I’m not saying that this can happen overnight and suddenly you’ll have your beliefs changed. Just take a small step and just imagine yourself living those dreams. Truly living those dreams. During this visualizing believe that you can live those dreams. Your limiting beliefs may try to intervene and tell you that it’s not possible. Don’t listen. Only allow positive thoughts and emotions during this. If you are having trouble with this then pretend that you can do it. I know that it sounds foolish but if you pretend to have the belief that its possible, your mind will eventually begin to believe in it.

I have one small favor to ask of you. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re alive aren’t you? That is a wonderful thing. You are full of life. You are a miracle on this earth. You have power inside of you that can’t be measured. Those dreams that you have aren’t just dreams within your mind. They are a gift to you of what is possible for your life. You must believe that those dreams are possible for your life. Belief is the first crucial step in their achievement. It is the precursor to taking action towards making the dream become a reality. You’re alive. You can still live the life of your dreams. First you just need to believe. I don’t know you but I believe that it’s possible for you to live your dreams. As long as you’re still breathing and your heart’s still beating you can live your best life. Just believe.

Life is Beautiful

Hi! Welcome to the Imagination Salvation blog! My name is Bill and I decided to start writing this blog because my passion in life is to help others find the greatness they possess inside of them. I wholeheartedly believe that every person deserves to live their best life possible. My hope is that this blog helps you in the journey of life. Potentially sparking something inside of you to make any changes necessary to your life to live it to the best.

For the first post I would like to share with you my motto about life. I wrote this about six years ago after probably the toughest time of my life. Tough times happen to everyone. It is an inevitable reality of life. These times don’t last unless we allow them to. It is all about the perspective we have on this thing called life. The easier thing to do is to become cynical about life and look at life from a negative viewpoint. The other thing we may do is to continue to believe that life is beautiful and look at life through positive eyes. I chose the positive way and wrote about everything that I truly believe about life. Here is the result.

Life is Beautiful

Live everyday as if it were your last

Dream as if life was a never ending adventure

Give wholeheartedly to benefit the lives of others

Love with a heart of gold

Work is a blessing

Risk as if you have nothing to lose

Hope as if nothing ever dies

Believe with all of your soul

Have steadfast faith in the end result

Persist for as long as you exist

Stay hungry and never stop

You are always making improvements

There is opportunity in every disaster

Your character determines your success

Inspire others to believe that anything is possible

You are a person of destiny

Your imagination is your only limit

So live life

Bill Purdy

I am not going to explain what this motto means for myself. That’s not important. What’s important is what this motto may do for you. You may be going through some tough times yourself or my feel that you want more out of your life. Maybe you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration for your day. Whatever that reason may be I want to tell you something even though I don’t know you. You are beautiful. You are capable. You have what it takes inside of you to live your life to its fullest potential. You deserve it. You have the courage to begin to live a better life. All it takes is a single step. You can change your thoughts to a positive nature. Life is beautiful. I believe in you.