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To Have Written

Bloodshot eyes in the gleam of light

Tears dancing in the dead of night

Cramped hands and a sore back

An obsession that doesn’t lack

A piece left of the soul

That is the end goal

O the madness of writing it knows no bounds

A piece of paper fed to the hounds

Writing is a madness

To keep away the sadness

O how we despise writing

Till the words come a biting

A masterpiece in the works

A voice inside that lurks

No stopping till we finish the story

In hopes that there will be glory

In exhaustion we do not stop

Till we rise to the top

O what a joy to have written

To have the readers be smitten

Till the time comes again

We must retire to our den

The voice

A small voice speaks in my head
Deafening decibels echo through the mind
A beast inside with no where to hide
Clawing vocal chords begging to speak

The pain can be endured no more
A ringing of chords must occur
Oxygen to fill the lungs
Energy to deliver a message

Imagination it is a roar
But when released it is a whimper
Words fumbled
A mixed message
The beast must retreat once more
Waiting for opportunity to rise again

Speak from the heart
Seek words from the soul
So that the beast may roar

What does your voice say to you?

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