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Some Old Poems

I want to share with you some old poems that I had written a few years ago. I hope that you enjoy them.

The Burial of Fear

Today I bury my fears

into the coffin of the past

No longer will this trait shackle my life,

the chains have been broken

These fears have limited my life for far too long,

Today my dreams and possibilities are set free

Greatness becomes inevitable,

My life becomes beautiful,

My power immense,

All things become possible

The last scoop of dirt goes on the coffin,

Never to be revisited again,

My life can now be lived

As the Clock Strikes Midnight

The clock strikes midnight,

Twelve echoing dings into the night,

The first few breaths that bring in the new day,

Another 24 hours never to be returned from the hourglass of life

The fire glows in the dimly lit living room,

Flames gently kissing double panes of glass,

The dings stop only to bring complete silence to the home

It is a time of reflection and a planning session for the day ahead,

For what may the next 24 hours hold,

No one knows for sure,

It must be lived for the moment each day,

Until the clock strikes midnight once more

Stars of Life

On the clearest of nights,

As the brisk breeze sails across the peaks of the trees,

I gaze upward into the night sky,

Full of stars,

Too many to count,

Glistening back to me on the ground

Gently twinkling into the dark,

For they all have a story to tell,

Some bright futures and some violent pasts,

They all stand still in the hourglass

Distant galaxies,

Home to many or few,

Imagination will never lay it to rest,

Full of life or barren wastelands we may never know,

Only to dream for one to be so

The star of life so dim they glow,

May we reach them? Maybe so,

For now they sparkle tonight,

Curiosities beget the human mind,

To one day dance in their delight


You want to stand out from the crowd

A lone soul in the middle of the sea

You wish your voice to be heard

A howling wind on a cold winter’s night

You wait to be alone

As the sunset kisses its last goodbye of light

Individuality is a one way road

An isolated walk from paths you know

It is you and you alone

To take the road to see where you will go

Though you may be mocked by the masses

Don’t let your dreams be turned to ashes

Because to rise above the crowd

You must read your dreams aloud

Do not be lonely along this journey

For you alone are your best companion

To make the masses stop and listen

You must first assure that your own voice glistens

To Have Written

Bloodshot eyes in the gleam of light

Tears dancing in the dead of night

Cramped hands and a sore back

An obsession that doesn’t lack

A piece left of the soul

That is the end goal

O the madness of writing it knows no bounds

A piece of paper fed to the hounds

Writing is a madness

To keep away the sadness

O how we despise writing

Till the words come a biting

A masterpiece in the works

A voice inside that lurks

No stopping till we finish the story

In hopes that there will be glory

In exhaustion we do not stop

Till we rise to the top

O what a joy to have written

To have the readers be smitten

Till the time comes again

We must retire to our den

The voice

A small voice speaks in my head
Deafening decibels echo through the mind
A beast inside with no where to hide
Clawing vocal chords begging to speak

The pain can be endured no more
A ringing of chords must occur
Oxygen to fill the lungs
Energy to deliver a message

Imagination it is a roar
But when released it is a whimper
Words fumbled
A mixed message
The beast must retreat once more
Waiting for opportunity to rise again

Speak from the heart
Seek words from the soul
So that the beast may roar

What does your voice say to you?

Would you like me to continue this every Friday? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your feedback

Poetry & Creative Writing #1 Introduction

Okay this might be cheating but I found an old folder full of some of the poems I wrote years ago. I wanted to share a few of them with you. As I stated in a previous post I wanted to devote a day to just express creativity with my writing.

Here are a few of these poems:

Open Hands

Open hands I give to thee,

not to reap, nor ill words to speak.

An open heart to leave its mark,

a gentle soul to spark

To give unselfishly to brighten one’s day,

greater than all the flowers in the month of may.

For open hands I give to thee,

for the soul to seek, my heart to keep,

my eyes to peek and my mind to leap,

all to keep me from being weak and my future bleak.

The Beauty of the Journey

The dream begins within the clouds of thought,

with a shining beam it manifests into human form.

Not overnight nor within a short month,

but in the day to day struggles of a continuous cycle.

The nights are lonely and the plates are barren,

but the mind sings a different tune.

Of abundance and cheer,

Knowing that one day the dream will be real,

But we are in no hurry because the journey is zeal.

It is not the dream but the journey that makes life fruitful,

who you become, not what you accomplish is the real prize,

For a beautiful journey trumps the dream any day.

The Unknown of Love

Love is an uncontrollable influence,

you can’t force it,

nor can you truly run from it.

You can’t speed it up,

nor slow it down,

all you can do is go along for the ride.

Their is beauty,

as well as pain,

true love,

and heartbreak.

In this uncontrollable influence called love,

we must embrace the unknown,

for we know not what it may bring.

For as long as we have a glimmer of love left in our hearts,

the sun will always rise.

Because with love if it’s meant to be,

it’ll be.

I have more poems and I might share them from time to time.

Do you have any ideas for writing prompts? I would love to hear from you.