Finding Your Purpose #7: Knowing Exactly What You Want

finding your purpose

So how have you been faring in your search for finding your purpose? Finding your purpose can be a tricky ordeal. The main key is finding your purpose is knowing exactly what you want out of life. Something that is easier said than done.

Your life’s purpose is something that is special and unique to you. It is something that will give your life a deep sense of meaning never before experienced. That is why it is so crucial that you know exactly what you want.

We as humans tend to have to see something tangible. We must see it with our eyes or hold it in our hands. Purpose is no different in that regard. Most want to have something tangible when it comes to purpose. But when you don’t know what your purpose in life is, it’s impossible to know what’s tangible.

If you are unsure of what your purpose is in life, then you must stop searching for the tangibles. The one thing that everyone’s purpose has in common is the intangibles. The emotions and principles that must be felt within the mind, heart and soul.

So if you’re trying to find your purpose in life, you must know the exact intangibles that give purpose it’s meaning. Once you know the intangibles then you’ll know when something tangible comes along. So for now let’s focus on the emotions and principles that you want to feel. This helps you build upon the essence of purpose.

The six main emotions and principles are:

1. Happiness

This is no surprise. Your purpose in life is something that should fill you with happiness. It is an emotion that should be deeply experienced. If you believe that you have found your purpose and you’re not happy, then you haven’t found it. It’s as simple as that.

Happiness is a decision that is made within the mind. Sometimes this decision is easy and sometimes it’s difficult. But it is a decision that must be made. Make the choice to be happy right now and find those things that make you happy. Happiness is always worth the fight.

2. Love

This builds upon happiness. Love is the purest of emotions. Your purpose is something that you absolutely love. Life is too short to have it any other way. Love must be felt within the heart, so express love for all things around you.

3. Peace

Finding your purpose can be a chaotic affair. But once found it brings a certain peace to the mind. Instead of focusing on the chaos that entails finding your purpose, bring peace to your mind knowing that one day you’ll find it. This is all about having sufficient faith in yourself.

Weather those storms, knowing that they won’t last forever. Have the peace within knowing that you are going to live an amazing life.

4. Curiosity

Life is about growth. Constantly growing throughout the course of your life. Your purpose should keep you curious about life. Always wanting to learn something new in any aspect of life. You can never have enough knowledge about life.

Whether that curiosity be spiritual, mental, or emotional, always aim to grow and question life. Be curious about life when searching for your purpose. You never know what you may find.

5. Fulfillment

Fulfillment is something that gives purpose it’s meaning. We al want that meaningful sense that fulfillment brings. This is harder to attain than the other five but it is still attainable. The key is to search for things that give your life a deep sense of fulfillment. Don’t settle in this search. Have the patience that you will find fulfillment in your life.

6. Contribution

We as humans want to have an impact on society. The size of that impact is unimportant. What is important is helping others. It is the secret to living. It’s about having a positive influence on the world around you. How many people you effect is up to you.

Even if it’s just one person, that is contribution. Search for ways to help make a contribution to those around you. It will only benefit your life while finding your purpose.

Know these emotions and principles well, for they will be your foundation in finding your purpose. Some may be implemented into your life immediately, making your life more fruitful. In your search for finding a tangible purpose remember, that the intangibles are what gives purpose true meaning.

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