Finding Your Purpose #6: Limitations

So what limitations are holding you back in finding your purpose? You’ve been searching for it but to no avail. Let me ask you this. Have you been passively searching for your purpose, waiting for it to magically appear? Or have you been searching day and night relentlessly for acquiring insights to what it might be? You see, purpose is all about your mindset.

If you truly desire to find your purpose in life it must become a borderline obsession. Never giving up the pursuit and what glorious rewards that will be waiting for you.

So what is holding you back? The answers lie within your mind. Fears, doubts and limiting beliefs often cloud the mind. It creates a fog that blinds opportunity for the sake of security.

The fear of failure is at the top. The fear of failure cripples any chance of finding your purpose. You fail in life no matter what. What makes the difference is how you react to that failure. What you learn from it and how you move on from it. Fears are but an illusion within the mind. They will always be there but you must not let them control you.

Doubts and limiting beliefs also hurt your chances in finding your purpose. If you don’t believe that you will find your purpose then you won’t You have to believe that you will find it. Don’t doubt yourself. You are powerful beyond measure and you will live a happy life.

Don’t allow limitations to stop you from finding your purpose. Understand that you are worthy. You are confident. You are awesome. Shift your mindset from I won’t to I will find my purpose in life.

This is about having the courage to move out of your comfort zone. If you’re afraid that’s fine, everyone is afraid when they try to get more out of life. The key is to feel the fear and continue to move forward. Don’t waste your true potential because of the limitations you set up in your mind. Trust me you have greatness within you.

Ramp up your efforts in finding your purpose. Be patient. When you put in the effort there will be more opportunities but remember this, not every opportunity is for you.

Crush those limiting factors within your mind that are holding you back from finding your purpose. It will open new doors for your life.

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