Fireside Chats #5: Persistence

Fireside Chats


I’m happy to have you for this fireside chat. As the week comes to a close I have something I wish to share with you. This week’s topic is about the trait of persistence and how it can change your life.

So take a seat and let’s begin my dear friend.

It is a trait that mother nature has had since the beginning of time. Water carving out valleys between mountains. Though slow in the process, tons of rock is eventually eroded away. Nothing on this earth can defeat persistence. It is a trait that can’t comprehend surrender.

Those who have tasted the sweet victory of success throughout the eons have possessed this unwavering trait. Never taking no for n answer. Never giving in to the defeats and failures that life will bring. Pushing forward against the slimmest of odds. Trying again and again until success becomes and inevitable result.

Persistence is the mortal enemy of mediocrity. For with persistence, all obstacles eventually crumble. Adversity is tamed. Failure is whipped. Life yields and releases its riches.

This trait combines the mind, heart and soul. Working together in harmony to achieve the end result. No matter what the costs might be. Digging to the deepest depths of the human will, all for one more attempt for the victor’s crown.

You see, persistence encompasses only one thing. How bad do you want it? It is about seeing how far one may go and how much one can take. How many times you can get knocked down and get back up with a smile on your face. If you want something as badly as you want to breathe. Persistence is the trait that makes it a reality.

The only way that persistence may be developed is through the trials and tribulations of life. It is the process of overcoming anything that life throws at you. To keep moving forward regardless of the current circumstances. Trudging through the mud to a brighter future.

To have persistence you must never give up. There is no other way. There never will be another way. Life will always have a price to pay for anything worthwhile. It’s up to you to pay the price no matter how high the cost. The reward must be of your wildest dreams. Otherwise you’ll quit along the way. You must love the journey. Regardless of how bumpy the ride might be. Most of all, surrender must not be part of your vocabulary. Success is the only option for your life.

I hope you enjoyed our chat. May today be the best day of your life and the coming days keep getting better. Until we meet again next week I hope that your coming week is filled with joy and prosperity. Thank you for stopping by.

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