A Book That Changed My Life: The Secret

Before I begin I want to remind you that this is not a traditional book review. This is a more personalized book review about how this book has changed my life. Also I want to share what this book might do for you.

The secret to me was the most influential book in my life. It enlightened me to the true power that the mind possesses. This book taught me how your thoughts shape the world around you.

I read this book my senior year of high school. It was the beginning of the school year and I knew that I wasn’t going to college. I wanted a half-day internship for a gym that I was a member at. I wanted to secure a future job as a personal trainer so that when I graduated I could make a living.

I thought that it would be a reasonable proposition. My grades were good and I would have enough credits to graduate if I went to school for half a day. But my school had other ideas about it. Long story short I was fighting to be able to get this internship. The superintendent never gave me the light of day to talk. I was even threatening to drop out at that point. I was a few days away from doing so.

I remember walking by this bookshelf in my parents house a thousand times. For some reason I stopped and there I saw it. The Secret. It was like the book was calling to me. I grabbed it and decided to read it that night. I read the entire book that night.

I went to bed that night deciding that I was going to use the law of attraction to my advantage. I got the internship approved the next day. It shocked me. From that point on I’ve practiced the principles of the secret into my everyday life. The secret changed the whole dynamic of my life and how I keep watch on my thoughts.

Since then I read the book at least once a year. I practice gratitude every morning for everything I have in my life, both present and future. I’ve realized that thoughts are energy and the universe will attract the frequency that those thoughts are on. Whether positive or negative.

The author, Rhonda Byrne made the secret easy to understand and comprehend for anyone. That is why the book had such a positive impact upon me. Applying the [principles takes little effort.

What The Secret Can do For You

If you are looking to start reading the self-help genre of literature, The Secret is a great introduction on how you may change your life. How to learn about the power of the mind and how your thoughts are powerful. How to use the law of attraction to your advantage.

The secret helps you with implementing gratitude into your daily life. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that creates a positive atmosphere for your life. It also shows you the power of positive thinking and the impact it can have on your life.

The secret has various topics of discussion such as money, love and health to name a few. Giving you multiple ways to improve your life in the aspects that matter most to you.

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