Some Old Poems

I want to share with you some old poems that I had written a few years ago. I hope that you enjoy them.

The Burial of Fear

Today I bury my fears

into the coffin of the past

No longer will this trait shackle my life,

the chains have been broken

These fears have limited my life for far too long,

Today my dreams and possibilities are set free

Greatness becomes inevitable,

My life becomes beautiful,

My power immense,

All things become possible

The last scoop of dirt goes on the coffin,

Never to be revisited again,

My life can now be lived

As the Clock Strikes Midnight

The clock strikes midnight,

Twelve echoing dings into the night,

The first few breaths that bring in the new day,

Another 24 hours never to be returned from the hourglass of life

The fire glows in the dimly lit living room,

Flames gently kissing double panes of glass,

The dings stop only to bring complete silence to the home

It is a time of reflection and a planning session for the day ahead,

For what may the next 24 hours hold,

No one knows for sure,

It must be lived for the moment each day,

Until the clock strikes midnight once more

Stars of Life

On the clearest of nights,

As the brisk breeze sails across the peaks of the trees,

I gaze upward into the night sky,

Full of stars,

Too many to count,

Glistening back to me on the ground

Gently twinkling into the dark,

For they all have a story to tell,

Some bright futures and some violent pasts,

They all stand still in the hourglass

Distant galaxies,

Home to many or few,

Imagination will never lay it to rest,

Full of life or barren wastelands we may never know,

Only to dream for one to be so

The star of life so dim they glow,

May we reach them? Maybe so,

For now they sparkle tonight,

Curiosities beget the human mind,

To one day dance in their delight

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