Question of the week #4

If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?

The fear of failure keeps so many from pursuing what they truly want to do in life. Failure is inevitable, no matter what you do in life you are going to fail at some point. Sometimes multiple times before you succeed. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? You fell down. But you got back up and tried again. It was the same when you took your first steps.

See you fail at some point or another but you get back up and keep trying. Failure only becomes permanent if you stop trying and quit. Fear plays a major part in failure. That fear of failure makes you not want to try in the first place.

Sure you don’t get you bumps and bruises along the way but you also don’t experience the sweet taste of victory. In my opinion if you don’t try you fail by default.

Here are a few more questions to help you dig deeper into this question:

  • What risks would you take if you couldn’t fail? Start a business? Learn a new skill?
  • How would you feel if you were guaranteed success?
  • What else could be holding you back from taking a chance besides the fear of failure?
  • What dreams would you chase?
  • How different would your life be if you couldn’t fail?

Take your time with these questions. Hopefully you found some good insights about what you would truly love to do with your life.

Failure is something that is going to happen no matter what. So why live your life so cautiously and carefully to the point you don’t take any risks? Life is too short for that and you only get one chance to live your life. Why not make the most of it?

I would love to hear your answers to these questions. We all have different dreams and aspirations for our lives. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to start the journey.

Would you like me to continue this question of the week series? If you would be so kind please take a moment to take the poll below. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Question of the week #4”

  1. Those are heavy questions for me…because I measure success differently to some.
    So to be entirely honest, if there was no chance of failure (rejection, anger, hurt) I’d try again to heal broken relationships with family members. To restore love to those relationships, in its entirety. Mend the brokenness caused by choices and decisions not our own. The results would go beyond any other measure of success!

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    1. That’s a great way of looking at this question! I love your answers. You’re right the results would go beyond the measures of success in tangible form. Family is a tough one. I know that from experience as well. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to comment. I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

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