Experimenting with Blog Content

Do you experiment with the content for you produce for your blog? Or do you shy away from experimenting with content? Staying with what’s worked for you in the past.

Maybe you have some ideas you’ve been batting around in your head but feel that it doesn’t relate to your blog. That it won’t resonate with your loyal readers. It might not be a completely different topic from what you currently write. It could be approaching something from a different point of view, putting a new spin on something or even writing about a different area of your blog’s niche.

When we get into a groove or get into a set schedule for our blogging routine. We stick with what’s tried and true. The reason why being is it’s what has built our reader base. We want to continue to grow our blogs in the way that has worked for us up to this point.

The thing is when we continue to do the same thing over and over, it often leads to stagnation. Sure you might have a couple different topics that get rotated. But it only delays the stagnation.

Experimenting with blog content is a great way to attract new readers or to give your current readers some fresh content. Now I’m not saying that you need to constantly experiment, one post a week or even once a month is more than sufficient.

This applies to all blogs whether big or small. Creating content that has a different twist to it could have tremendous results. Or it could do terrible. You never know unless you try. For smaller blogs that might not have tons of views, this could be a jolt that brings big growth. For larger blogs it can bring a wave of new readers.

It’s a risk, especially when you have an established blog. But without risk there can be no reward. Try something new with your blog, it doesn’t have to be as drastic as a topic outside of your niche. Write about something from a different perspective, make your post more personalized. Do something fun and be creative with it. You never know what it might do for your blog.

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