Finding Your Purpose #4: The Secret of Living

So I’m guessing you’re wondering what the secret to living is? The answer is incredibly simple. It is an answer that when practiced gives life a whole new meaning. The secret to living is giving! I’m sure that you’ve heard this phrase before. It’s nothing new. Nothing groundbreaking. But so few actually practice this “secret” on a daily basis.

So often we get caught up in our own needs and wants. This leads to immediate gratification but leaves a void. That void can only be filled with a deep sense of fulfillment in our hearts. That fulfillment comes when we give back to others.

Now I’m not saying that you need to be completely selfless. Self-care is important too. It’s about having a balance between the two.

What does giving have to do with finding your purpose? Again it’s simple. We give because it gives us an indescribable feeling in our heart. Giving back is what humanity is all about. It has transformed our species over the course of history. Giving back is encoded into our DNA. Whether it is active or lying dormant.

Before we go any further with how giving can aid in finding your purpose, there is something that needs to be stated. Giving to someone with the expectation of something in return is not giving. It’s selfishness to the highest extent. To truly give is to expect nothing in return for your kind deeds.

Giving back isn’t always in terms of money. Sure charitable donations can help those in need. It’s honorable to donate spare money if you have it. But there are so many other ways that you can give back and make a positive contribution to society. Some examples include:

  • Volunteer your time: Take an hour of your day and work at a food bank, spend some time at a senior citizen home or work with children
  • Donate food items: If you have some spare food that is still good, drop it off at a local food bank or give to someone who is homeless
  • Be a listening ear: Everyone has problems, sometimes all we need is for someone to listen to make us feel better
  • Speak kind words to others: Even if it’s a stranger, give them a genuine compliment. A kind word can turn a bad day around
  • Smile: If you see someone having a bad day give them a smile. A genuine smile. You never know how much that could mean to someone

All of these things can have an immeasurable impact on someone else’s life. Never underestimate the small actions. Because for someone else it may be sunshine on the dreariest of days. Take a moment and think of one way you can give back. Do some research if necessary to get some ideas.

Giving back is a major factor in purpose. No matter big or small in scale. When you give back you receive the greatest of all gifts. Love that radiates through your heart. That love you feel could provide the inspiration needed in the journey of finding your purpose.

6 thoughts on “Finding Your Purpose #4: The Secret of Living”

  1. I think it’s most definitely about having some sort of balance – I prefer to give more to others though and less to me 😛 but there are times where I need to stop and reflect. And in that reflection always comes the realisation that if I don’t at least try and do it 50/50 and take care of me, then I won’t have anything to give!
    Thank you for this great post, and the awesome suggestions of how to give 🙂

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