Journey of the Author #3: The Madness of Writing

It’s amazing how quickly a week flies by. Last week I shared with you that I was in the beginning stages of writing the first rough draft for my book. I also discussed that blogging has become a priority for me. Which it still is. So let me give you an update for where I currently stand with the book.

So I’ve made some progress with Rock Bottom: Rise From the Ashes. Rejuvenate your life. For the past week I have been making time every night to dedicate to writing the rough draft. I even set a daily goal for myself. 500 words a night minimum. Now I know that it isn’t an outrageous number of words to write in a day but I feel if I set a word goal. The book will continue to be written.

Have I stuck to that 500 words per day over the last week? Sadly no. There have been some night where I’ve only gotten 200-300 words written. Other nights I’ve gone over the 500 word goal to make up for lost ground. As of right now I’m at about 3,200 words.

I’m working on the book from start to finish. Part one is something that I had no old notes for so I’ve been starting from the ground up. I have to say it’s been an adventure to say the least. There are times where I’ll stare at the computer screen for 20 minutes before I even put a sentence down. Writer’s block has definitely gotten the best of me a couple days. But I keep moving forward with it no matter what.

As far as progress goes, I’ve written the first chapter of the book titled: Perspective of a Cruel World. I know it isn’t a pretty title for a chapter but my book is about rock bottom. Something that isn’t a pretty sight. I’ve also written about half of the next chapter titled: Influences and How They Shape You.

While I hoped to get you an excerpt from the book this week I feel that there is nothing worthy to share with you. I want to give you something great. With this being the first rough draft, my ideas are like dumping marbles all over the floor. They’re all over the place.

Next week I want to share an excerpt with you of the book. I’m going to make it a promise and do my absolute best to deliver it to you. Even if it’s just a paragraph of the book. So instead I’ll share with you what the first chapter of the book entails.

Perspective of a cruel world is about how you view the world when you are at rock bottom. It discusses the various reasons why one may hit rock bottom or is on the slide down the slippery slope. How you perceive the world and how you can change that perception to take the first step in turning your life around. To view the world with a new set of eyes and to change your thoughts in times when negativity reigns supreme.

The chapter is about having a better understanding of why you’re at this low point. It is the first step to coming to terms with where you are at and starting to make the changes necessary to make your life better.

I’ve learned from starting the actual writing of the book is that writing is a madness. I’ve gotten a taste of it from writing blog posts on an everyday basis but writing a book is a whole other animal. A challenge that I’ll gladly take on. With my daily writing goal in place I’ll be able to continuously make progress. No matter how small it is.

While writing can be frustrating at times. Especially when the words just don’t seem to flow, I’m happy that I’ve made it a habit to get back to writing after all of these years away. Writing gives me a certain peace within that I can’t experience elsewhere on a consistent basis. As weird as that sounds. Whether it is writing the book or writing a blog post for you, my amazing readers I am always happy when I write.

Thank you for stopping by to see my progress!

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