A Book That Changed My Life: Think and Grow Rich

Before I start I want to state something. This isn’t going to be a traditional book review. What I want to share is a more personalized experience of how this book changed my life. Also what I believe that this book may do for you. That is what the self-help genre of literature is all about. So let’s begin how it changed my life.

I read this book around Christmas 2012. At the time I was working at a gym doing maintenance work as well as being a personal trainer. It was a job that I started immediately after high school because of an internship I got my senior year. I was a young man at the time. Around 20 years old. My job wasn’t giving me the satisfaction that I truly desired for my life.

After looking on amazon for self-help books I ran across this classic. I had never heard of think and grow rich. I purchased it and started reading it every night. I finished it before new years 2013. Think and grow rich stuck a chord in my very soul. By the end of reading the book I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to start my own company.

I treated this book as a manifesto of sorts, continuously reading parts of it every single night. It put my mindset into a money consciousness. Even though at the time I wasn’t making a lot of money, I felt like a millionaire in my mind.

In think and grow rich it describes that an individual must have a definite purpose for their life. I choose mine. I wanted to open up my own gym. It wasn’t going to be just any gym. I would’ve described it as a fitness mall. Your one stop shop for all things health related. At the time I had no business experience but to me that didn’t matter. I believed that I could achieve it. There was a fire inside me that was forcing me to pursue this dream.

The next thing the book describes it to have a specific dollar amount. I only had a few hundred dollars in the bank at that time. I set a lofty goal that if I reached it would blow my mind. $10 million. I gave myself 2 years to achieve this. I wrote down my definite purpose, the amount of money and what I intended to give in return. I read it day and night. Believing that it could truly be mine.

The essence of think and grow rich is that you only have one limitation in life. That limitation is the one you set up in your mind. It is about mental conditioning that you can acquire anything that your life desires.

Now I’m going to fast forward 2 years because if I don’t this post would end up being a book. I had some major adversities along the way but they didn’t stop me. Just a few days short of the 2 year mark I was just some paperwork away from having the $10 million necessary to start my business.

This story doesn’t have a happy ending. In short I got greedy and felt like I needed more money. The investors fell through and I had no money to show for it. It was life’s way of telling me that I wasn’t ready. It was no one else’s fault but my own. Something that I take full responsibility for. Because I know from the principles in think and grow rich that your mind can either make or break you.

I didn’t include the 20 hour days that I put into building a business. The relentless pursuit of knowledge to learn about business and everything else that was necessary to learn. But this story does have a valuable lessons it taught me.

  1. That if you have an idea and believe in it so deeply that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, you can move mountains to make it a reality.
  2. The mind is your most powerful resource you have. It can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. The beautiful thing about that is it’s your choice to make.

These 2 lessons learned have more value to me than all of the gold and silver in the world.

Let’s discuss what this book can do for you any my recommendations for reading it.

What can Think and Grow Rich do for you?

First and foremost it can teach you the true power that your mind has over your reality in life. “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.” This is a true statement. The book can help you condition your mind to a money consciousness in the acquisition of riches for your life. But the book doesn’t stop there. It gives you the principles of success in any endeavor you choose. Napoleon Hill the author dedicated over 25 years to the study of success. Interviewing the most successful people of the time.

It can help you get to know yourself on a deeper level. It has a self-analysis questionnaire at the end of the book. By taking this questionnaire you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Aiding you in your path to success.

It may give you a spark of inspiration for finding your definite purpose in life. Something that everyone seeks for their life.

When reading the book I would highly recommend to have a pen or pencil with you. Highlighting or underscoring parts that have a favorable impression on you.

Take some time to think and reflect on what you have just read. Reread a chapter if it had a positive effect on you. Also reread the book from time to time. I’ve read this book 10 times already and am still finding something new.

Practice the principles in the book. Find ways to implement them into your daily life. It is about building habits that have a positive impact on your life.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. I wanted to give you a more personalized book review for think and grow rich. I believe that this is a book that should be read by everyone. It has a certain energy within the pages.

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