Finding Your Purpose #3: The Tiring Search For It

Still searching for your purpose in life? Are you getting tired of searching and feel like giving up? Don’t give up. Finding your life’s purpose can be a tiring ordeal. You’re frustrated, disappointed and maybe even depressed from not finding it. The mysterious reason for why you’re on this earth.

Finding your purpose is not an easy endeavor. Nor should it be. Purpose is the pinnacle of life. It is something that once found, gives our life a deep sense of meaning that is unrivaled. So it may take days, weeks, months, even years to finally find it. But once it’s found all that searching will not be in vain.

There are two key principles you must understand during your time looking for your purpose. Both are of utmost importance if you are going to find it one glorious day.


You must never stop searching for your purpose in life. No matter what. Purpose makes life plentiful, beautiful, and most of all, it makes life fulfilling. Are these things that you want to experience for your life? Then you must never stop trying to find your purpose. Keep searching and don’t settle. You’ll know when you’ve found it.


You must have faith that you will find your purpose. You have to wholeheartedly believe that one day it will come. Keeping a positive mental attitude is essential during your search. If you believe that you’ll never find your purpose then you won’t. A negative mental attitude will allow the opportunity to slip right by when the time comes. Have faith in yourself. Everyday you are getting closer to finding it.

Persistence and faith are key during the search. It’s simple. Don’t give and believe with all of your heart that you will find it. You will. Be patient. The day will come.

In the meantime during your search. Help others and find a way to contribute to society that has a positive impact in your community. Find something that you would feel good doing. Trust me it will aid in the process of finding your purpose.

Next week we will go more into giving and contribution. The role that it plays in finding your purpose and what the secret to living is. Remember, don’t stop searching and believe that you will find your purpose. Stay positive along the journey and you’ll be rewarded.

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Purpose #3: The Tiring Search For It”

  1. You mentioned the third thing too – which is what could be considered a summary of the two – patience. 😉 I was speaking with someone the other day who said to me that she has always believed she has a purpose and she has been persistent in her pursuit thereof, but she’s ‘near to running out of patience’. I had to smile…because don’t I know that feeling in so many aspects of life. I reminded her that patience is her key – if she can just keep doing what she’s doing and not set a time limit, it will come.
    You are SO right! Faith and persistence, and a large dose of patience, will get us there 🙂 Thank you for this well written and informative blog post – great guidance and inspiration ❤

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