Simple Pen And Paper

We live in a digital world. Everything is online. A treasure trove of information at our very fingertips. Countless words typed on keyboards. Even something as simple as a grocery list is just a press away on a phone. Everything is done at an ultrasonic speed.

Whatever happened to pen and paper? Is it a dying art? As I write this post my rough draft was written on a sheet of paper. I know what you’re thinking. Why would you handwrite something just to have to type it out again? It’s simple. Because it eliminates all of the distractions from the online world. Social Media is just a click away. Random web surfing, watching videos, and listening to music. They are all distractions. Pen and paper doesn’t have that.

Handwriting something makes it a more personal affair. As if I am writing to a close friend or a loved one. That’s the way I want to convey my posts to you. Personalization in writing to me feels like it’s dying out. Instead it is portrayed for the masses for the sake of exposure.

For me nothing beats simple pen and paper for crystalizing my ideas, thoughts, feelings, and philosophies. It allows my imagination to run wild. Sure I have to rewrite it for a blog post or a chapter of my book but it gives me a sense of peace putting pen to paper. I write left-handed. No the ink doesn’t smear every time I write something. Is my handwriting immaculate? I don’t think so but I’m the only person that has to read it.

Do you still handwrite things? If so what things do you prefer to handwrite? Are you a left-handed or a right-handed writer?

6 thoughts on “Simple Pen And Paper”

  1. I’m right handed, and my lists are still made the old fashioned way. I love pens, and paper ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One of the things I really miss is the ‘old fashioned’ invention of penpals. I used to have a few twenty years ago, and not only was the excitement of receiving that letter in the mail something to be remembered.. it was seeing their handwriting, a part of them, that added to the joyful experience!
    I love the idea of writing a rough draft blog post on paper with a pen first. I think I’m going to try that ๐Ÿ™‚ (Can’t believe I haven’t yet!!!)


  2. I use my right hand to write and i love the pen and paper mode of writing and every word you have expressed about digital writing is so true. It’s a distracted world and when you handwrite stuff on a paper thoughts just pour out without getting distracted. But unfortunately the digital world is drawing most people away from pen and paper writing style.


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