Finding Your Purpose: Episode #2 Passion and Purpose

So last week i touched upon what the essence of purpose was. This week I’m going to talk about what passion and purpose have in common. Knowing the similarities between the two will give you some insight on helping your find your purpose.

To put it in the simplest terms, passion and purpose are twins. Where there is one the other is close by. Passion is about doing something that you absolutely love every single minute of the day.

Passion is the fuel of finding your purpose in life. Now I know what you’re thinking. Now I have to find my passion as well? No. You don’t have to do that. All I’m saying is that loving what you do plays a major role in finding your purpose.

Let me ask you a simple question. Are you doing what you love in life right now? Your career takes up over half of your life. That’s an incredible percentage of your life. It’s a lot of time spending your limited time on this earth doing something that you don’t love. Life’s just too damn short doing anything that doesn’t excite you each morning.

Does that mean you have to quit your job right now just because you don’t like it? No but it might be time to rethink about what you want to do for a living. If your job is draining your energy, leaving you stressed and unfulfilled. You become miserable. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. If you’re miserable no amount of money in the world will make you feel happy. Maybe for a moment it will but it is a temporary sensation.

The next question is: What do you love to do?

What do you never grow tired of? What excites you with enthusiasm and curiosity to always seek new knowledge? It can be anything. Take some time and write down a list of things you love to do. It could be blogging, writing, web design, graphic design, event planning, public speaking, motivating others, helping those less fortunate, taking care of your children. These examples are just a fraction of the possibilities.

Review your list. With each item think about whether or not you could make a living doing one of those things. Don’t count anything out. Just because you can’t think of something this instant doesn’t mean it can’t work. Sometimes you have to use your imagination and think outside the box. Keep your mind open to all ideas. Anytime an idea pops into your mind, write it down.

Don’t be discouraged if nothing seems to pop out at you when first doing this. It may take some time. Stay patient and keep searching. Keep positive in knowing that you’ll find a way to find something you love. Have faith in yourself and in your abilities. Trust me you are more powerful and resourceful than you give yourself credit for.

Next week I’ll be discussing the search for finding your purpose. Until next week remember. Don’t give up and keep your mind positive. You will find your purpose one day and it will be better than your wildest dreams. Have faith and be grateful for it as if you’ve already found it.

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