Fireside Chats #1: Idleness


I’m glad to have you for this fireside chat. As the week comes to a close I have something important I want to share with you. This week we are going to be discussing idleness and how it affects so many lives.

Take a seat and let’s begin.

It is the killer of action, the destroyer of dreams, and the shackles to the grips of mediocrity. Only one thing can do so much damage. Idleness. It comes in several forms such as procrastination, laziness, and indecisiveness. All which end in the same result. The waste of the most precious gift given to us, time. It is something than can never be returned.

Tick tock the seconds pass by, never to be returned to the hourglass of life. It never stops. Life never stops moving forward. The whisper of the clock says to you “what are you doing with your time?”

See life never stops but humans do. Idleness is a poison to the soul and the mind. Avoiding the day or going through the day in an autonomous state. Idleness disguises itself in many ways. Idleness isn’t just about standing still. It is about the humdrum cycle of continuous action for the sole purpose of ending the day.

Idleness eventually destroys all hopes, dreams and aspirations for one’s life. At their inception dreams must be nurtured and some form of action must be taken immediately. The longer the dream sits within the mind idly, the doubts and fears creep in. Stagnation breeds the worst in mankind.

So why do so many sit in the crutches of idleness and procrastination? The answer is simple. Comfort. People go to great lengths to experience comfort in their day to day lives. Even if that comfort comes at the price of unhappiness. Humans have the innate quality of suffering in a quiet desperation for the sake of this conceived “comfort”.

So many will let life pass by without putting up a fight. Settling for the scraps of mediocrity. It is a shame that has filled the seas with the tears of so many souls throughout the centuries of time. Don’t fret about how you’ve idly let life pass you by. The past is dead and gone. Bury it and move on.

There is a light of hope to guide you from the depths that have consumed your life. It is the fact that today may be the first day of your new life.

This is your new life. A life that will no longer allow time to pass carelessly. You will no longer allow a day to pass without gaining something of value. How may you go about doing this? Action. It is the only remedy.

The action you take doesn’t have to be immense. Just one small step in the right direction to get you started. The key here is to get moving. Working on something new and exciting for your life. It’s time to get more out of life.

The essence of life is growth. To have more, be more, and do more with your life. Growth is something that isn’t painless, it isn’t comfortable. When you ask for more out of life, life will ask more out of you. It’s your job to rise to the challenge.

It’s time for you to chase those dreams that you have let sit idly within your mind. Don’t know where to start? Start researching ways to start the journey. Don’t know what you want out of life? Start searching and something will eventually spark your interest. Get started and don’t stop. You will find a way. Believe in yourself.

The sole reason you should practice idleness is to recharge your reserves. Short bursts to regain your energy so that you can keep pushing forward towards your dreams. Just remember that idleness for too long is the killer of dreams.

So you have begun this new day. What a marvelous day it is. For it is the first day of your new life. The resurrection from the pits of mediocrity and the escape from your own living death. Let’s consider this day a miracle. Your miracle.

I hope you enjoyed our chat. May today be the best day of your life and the coming days that will top today. Until we meet again next week I hope that your coming week is filled with joy and prosperity. Thank you for stopping by.

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