Poetry & Creative Writing #1 Introduction

Okay this might be cheating but I found an old folder full of some of the poems I wrote years ago. I wanted to share a few of them with you. As I stated in a previous post I wanted to devote a day to just express creativity with my writing.

Here are a few of these poems:

Open Hands

Open hands I give to thee,

not to reap, nor ill words to speak.

An open heart to leave its mark,

a gentle soul to spark

To give unselfishly to brighten one’s day,

greater than all the flowers in the month of may.

For open hands I give to thee,

for the soul to seek, my heart to keep,

my eyes to peek and my mind to leap,

all to keep me from being weak and my future bleak.

The Beauty of the Journey

The dream begins within the clouds of thought,

with a shining beam it manifests into human form.

Not overnight nor within a short month,

but in the day to day struggles of a continuous cycle.

The nights are lonely and the plates are barren,

but the mind sings a different tune.

Of abundance and cheer,

Knowing that one day the dream will be real,

But we are in no hurry because the journey is zeal.

It is not the dream but the journey that makes life fruitful,

who you become, not what you accomplish is the real prize,

For a beautiful journey trumps the dream any day.

The Unknown of Love

Love is an uncontrollable influence,

you can’t force it,

nor can you truly run from it.

You can’t speed it up,

nor slow it down,

all you can do is go along for the ride.

Their is beauty,

as well as pain,

true love,

and heartbreak.

In this uncontrollable influence called love,

we must embrace the unknown,

for we know not what it may bring.

For as long as we have a glimmer of love left in our hearts,

the sun will always rise.

Because with love if it’s meant to be,

it’ll be.

I have more poems and I might share them from time to time.

Do you have any ideas for writing prompts? I would love to hear from you.

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