Unwinding at The End of The Day


In today’s digital world we are always trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible throughout the course of the day. This often means that we usually active in some task until the moment we lay down to sleep. We go from super speed to a dead stop.

From this we may not get the best night’s sleep or may become discouraged because we may not see the progress being made towards a goal we want to achieve. That is where the importance of unwinding at the end of the day may have a tremendous benefit to us.

Now in the busy world we all don’t have a lot of spare time to be able to unwind, most of us just from sheer exhaustion from the tasks of the day. All it takes is 5-15 minutes to unwind, even if it is when you are lying in bed just before you fall asleep. The key is just taking a few moments of peaceful relaxation.

That time can be used for a reflection for the events that occurred throughout the day, whether it be put into a journal or just silently thought about within the mind. My personal opinion is to write it down. The reason being is that you can look back on it and see the progress you’ve made over a span of time. It doesn’t need to be lengthy, just a few short points is sufficient. Think about a couple things that were a positive today.

Or maybe read a book, even just a chapter a night can be beneficial. Just make sure it isn’t overly mentally simulating. Or plan out the next day in advance to be ready to go when the morning comes. Just remember once it’s finished relax and have peace of mind.

Or even just take a few moments to express gratitude for everything beautiful that life has to offer. We always have time to express gratitude for what life has given us, big or small.

I would recommend limiting the use of electronics during this time. I know the world goes a million miles per minute but that blue light emitted from the screen will hurt the chances of getting a restful night’s sleep.

What ways (if any) do you unwind at the end of the day? How does it benefit your well being? I would love to hear your responses in the comments below!

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