One Breath, One Heartbeat

If I’m still breathing and my heart’s still beating the dream is alive and I will achieve it!

Bill Purdy

I would like to share with you a quote that I had written a few years ago when I was starting my first business. This was long before that dream had become a reality. The business was in its infancy and all I had was a dream. I didn’t have the knowledge or the resources in the beginning. But that didn’t matter. I had a dream and I believed in that dream with every fiber of my being. I knew that if I was alive that it was possible for me to achieve that dream.

Every single human on this earth is a miracle because they were given the gift of life. Now how we choose to live that life from the time we are born to the time we perish is completely up to us. Our time spent on this earth is limited. So why not chase those dreams that we have for our lives?

We all have dreams that we hold in our minds of what could be our lives. Our best version of our lives. Whether these dreams are big or small in their vision that doesn’t matter. What matters is do you believe that you can achieve those dreams that you want for your life? Our beliefs hold immense power in our daily lives. Belief is what gives our thoughts power. You are the only person that has control over your beliefs. The only limitation that your beliefs have is the limits you have set up within your own mind.

You must first believe that it is possible that you can have more out of life. This is not an easy task but those dreams that you have for your life are worth the price of believing in a bigger picture. Now I’m not saying that this can happen overnight and suddenly you’ll have your beliefs changed. Just take a small step and just imagine yourself living those dreams. Truly living those dreams. During this visualizing believe that you can live those dreams. Your limiting beliefs may try to intervene and tell you that it’s not possible. Don’t listen. Only allow positive thoughts and emotions during this. If you are having trouble with this then pretend that you can do it. I know that it sounds foolish but if you pretend to have the belief that its possible, your mind will eventually begin to believe in it.

I have one small favor to ask of you. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re alive aren’t you? That is a wonderful thing. You are full of life. You are a miracle on this earth. You have power inside of you that can’t be measured. Those dreams that you have aren’t just dreams within your mind. They are a gift to you of what is possible for your life. You must believe that those dreams are possible for your life. Belief is the first crucial step in their achievement. It is the precursor to taking action towards making the dream become a reality. You’re alive. You can still live the life of your dreams. First you just need to believe. I don’t know you but I believe that it’s possible for you to live your dreams. As long as you’re still breathing and your heart’s still beating you can live your best life. Just believe.

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